10 Great Tips from Famous Beauty Experts


From your favorite magazine articles to all your family and friends, there’s certainly no shortage of beauty advice out there.  With so much information available to you, it can be tough to know what’s what.  However, you really can’t go wrong when you the trust professionals. They’ve proven they know their stuff. If you’re looking for some insider secrets, look no further than this list. Here are ten great tips from famous beauty experts:

1. Enhance your natural beauty

When it comes to makeup and skin care products, the professionals will tell you that it’s all about highlighting your best features. Do you have gorgeous cheek bones?  Play them up with a bit of blush. The same goes for your hair. Instead of fighting your natural curls, embrace them with a fun and bouncy style. No matter what you look like, you should always find a way to work with what you’ve got.

2. Less is more

Just because you use makeup doesn’t mean you should use a lot of it.  Many cosmetic specialists suggest that you apply only as much necessary to achieve your desired look.  Using an excessive amount of makeup can cause you to look like you have something to hide.  Plus, it can actually make you appear older than you really are.  If you truly want to look your best, don’t be too heavy-handed with those makeup brushes.

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3. Take risks

When you think about your favorite stars on the red carpet, which ones come to mind?  Chances are you’ll only remember those who took risks with their looks.  You can apply the same tactic to your own style.  Wear a bold color that makes you stand out from the crowd.  Try a new hairstyle that’s a little outside your comfort zone.  Sometimes you have to gamble with your look if you want a big payoff.

4. Don’t be too trendy

While you should strive to take risks, that doesn’t mean you always have to follow the trends.  Real beauty is about finding what works for you.  The latest bob might not frame your face correctly.  A dress that’s all the rage may not be the right fit for your shape.  Create your own beauty path.  You might just spark the next fashion fad or style sensation.

5. Confidence is crucial

When it comes to pulling off a new look, it’s all about the attitude.  Be confident in yourself.  Feeling secure will mean better posture and a more authentic smile.  We all know displaying those pearly whites makes you more beautiful!  Believe in your beauty decisions and everyone else will as well.

6. Age is just a number

Some women think they can’t try certain looks because they’re too old.  Others resort to drastic measures like plastic surgery in an effort to look younger.  However, the most beautiful women are usually the ones who simply try to look the best they can.  You shouldn’t let your age hinder your sense of style.  Be who you are.  There’s no greater beauty tip than that!

7. Don’t be afraid of change

While you might be tempted to stay with what works, sometimes it’s beneficial to get out of that beauty rut.  A signature look can be nice, but don’t be afraid to try something new if the mood hits you.  If you don’t like it, you can always change it. After all, hair grows back and makeup can easily be removed if you make a mistake.  Sometimes trial and error is the only way to know what looks good.

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8. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is something that nearly every beauty expert recommends. Eight glasses a day will go a long way toward giving you the glowing, vibrant skin every woman wants. Having great skin is essential for anyone who’d like to maintain a youthful appearance for many years to come. So drink up and stay beautiful!

9. Hands off

When it comes to your face and hair, try not to touch them more than necessary.  Germs and bacteria can spread from your fingers to your pores. That can lead to pimples popping up all over the place, which is never beautiful!  In addition, the natural oils your digits secrete can make your hair appear greasy.  Keep your hands off to preserve your style.

10. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Stress can lead to frown lines and a furrowed brow.  Instead, try to relax and enjoy your everyday life.  Most beauty gurus agree that when you lower your stress level, your real beauty can really shine through.  Drop the worry and reduce those stress-related wrinkles.

It seems like everywhere you turn someone’s offering an opinion on what you should or shouldn’t do in terms of hair and makeup tricks.  However, it’s always best to stick to the famous beauty experts for your go-to advice.  Let these tips be your guide on your quest for true beauty!