9 Quick Beauty Treatments to Do on Your Lunch Break


Our busy lives often get so hectic that we lose the time we need to pamper and take care of ourselves. Don’t let this be your fate, however, and be sure you take every chance you get to maintain your great looks even if it’s on your lunch break. Enhance your beauty while you make the most of your precious time with these great lunch break tips.

1. Professional Makeup Application

With an appointment and twenty odd minutes, you can achieve a beautiful makeup application. Try this on late Friday lunch when you have a date after work.

A professional with adept skill applying cosmetics can have you looking your very best while you enjoy a sumptuous pampering session. You’d better not put on plenty of make-up in the morning.

Explain what you are expecting for, so that your make-up won’t turn out to be an upset. Sit back and relax for twenty minutes while your makeup professional enhances your beauty. During this time you can complete simple but important affairs that you had no time for.

For instance, call your mom at last, book tickets or make an appointment with you friend. In addition, you can watch the professional carefully to learn something new about color theory or different kinds of brushes.

This way, you can discover new techniques and secrets of ideal make-up. It’s a perfect solution if you don’t want to waste money and time on make-up school. Don’t be afraid to ask them.

The professional will pick up colors that will suit your skin shade, features and clothes. When you return to work, your colleagues are apt to sit up and take note!