Top 15 Longest Celebrity Marriages


5. David and Iman Bowie

Photo: david

Models and rock stars seem to be a perfect relationship combination, David and Iman are the most famous of such celeb couples. The English rock musician and Somalian supermodel got married in 1992. They have a beautiful daughter, Alexandria Zahra.

David and Iman Bowie is a beautiful couple. When asked about what their secret is, Iman once said that she still fancies David, he is a curious person and he always makes her laugh like no one else does. David and Iman have learned to distinguish public and private life. You can rarely find their personal photos, interviews or whatever in tabloids or broadsheets. Iman also admits that everything starts with mutual respect and passion.

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David and Iman got married when they were 45 and 37 accordingly. Both were married before and had children from previous relationships. Perhaps, that’s the reason they greatly appreciate each other. They realize that it’s really difficult to find someone who will accept you as you are. Iman doesn’t find it hard to be married to the legendary musician. She likes his work and acts as pure inspiration.