Top 15 Longest Celebrity Marriages


13. Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson


In 1980, Samuel L. Jackson married LaTanya Richardson who was a famous sports channel producer and a wonderful actress. Their love began in a college and lasts till now. They welcomed a beautiful baby girl Zoe in 1982 who is a successful freelance film and TV producer now.

Despite numerous rough patches in the relationship over the years, their love has endured even till now. Jackson has always adored LaTanya’s great love of life, an amazing sense of humor and a great love of people around her. The couple has a strong feeling of civic duty, and in 2009, they founded a charitable organization to support education.

During more than 30 years of marriage, they faced many difficulties on their way. In the late 80s when Samuel was extremely popular and demanded actor, he got hooked on drugs. However, due to LaTanya’s support and patience he managed to overcome the addiction. Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson rarely speak out about their relationship and personal life.

You will never find their spicy interviews or comments on their relationship. Perhaps, that’s the secret of their happy 34-year-lasting marriage. I think it’s really hard to split after being together for such a long time. I hope Samuel and LaTanya will cope with any difficulties.

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