10 Foods to Eat Every Day for Perfect Skin


10. Carrots

Carrots are good not only for your eyes but also for your skin. They are especially good for clearing up breakouts. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, and they help prevent the overproduction of cells in the outer layer of the skin. That’s where excess sebum combines with dead cells and clogs pores.

Another great reason to snack on some carrots is that Vitamin A reduces skin cancer cells’ development. So make sure you nibble on a half-cup of baby carrots every day for perfect skin. I love carrots, and I think they make a great snack.

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You don’t have to eat all these foods every day, but even some of them would be great! Be sure to avoid junk foods, too much sugar, trans fats, and refined carbs for the best skin possible. Which of these foods do you eat every day? Share your thoughts, please, and thanks for reading!