7 Visible Signs of Anxiety


Anxiety is a big problem for many people and unfortunately it isn’t always easy to spot. We can experience being anxious for numerous reasons and there are some signs to find out so you will be able to look for help or learn why you are feeling that way. Here is a list of 7 visible signs of anxiety.

1. Lack of sleep or oversleeping

Our sleep patterns say lots about our mental, emotional, and physical health. You may be suffering from anxiety if it’s hard for you to fall asleep at night or impossible to get out of bed in the morning.

You should pay attention to what is keeping you awake, maybe you are exhausted by overwork? Or maybe there is another reason, how do you think?

2. Loss of concentration

If you start doing a few tasks throughout the day, but you can’t really finish any of them, or you are distracted and can’t stay focused on the work for a long time, then you might experience a loss of concentration, which is one of the visible signs of anxiety. Read more about attention deficite here – 10 Tips to Handle Adult Attention Deficit Disorder at Work.

3. Overthinking everything

If you constantly overthink or overanalyze the everyday experiences and situations, it is the most visible sign of anxiety. If you often jump to negative conclusions or you worry over and over again about something you’ve said to someone three days or even weeks ago, you might be experiencing anxiety.

4. Increased or lack of appetite

Our appetite tells us the most about how we are doing from day to day. As with your sleeping pattern, your eating and diet patterns are great indicators for how you are feeling today.

Both a lack of and increased appetite are visible signs of anxiety. Even when we can’t tell that something is wrong, our body will let us know in other ways.

5. Increased heart rate

Physically an anxiety could have a wide range of effects on people. Many people experience a full blown panic attack and other people just have a headache or get sweaty hands. Pounding heart can be a visible sign that you are feeling anxious, as well as can dizziness, shortness of breath, diarrhea or frequent urination.

6. Irritability

Anxiety can make us very stressed and leave us feeling extremely irritable. If the situation that would haven’t troubled you before now bothers you a lot, it might be something more serious than just being in the sulks.

How often do you flip out? If you are flipping out more than usual, it can be one of the telling signs of anxiety.

7. Blanking out

Have you ever heard someone to say that they have forgotten what they were going to do or to say? If it’s happening to you too and you are finding that you blank out regularly, then you might be experiencing an anxiety. If you find yourself drawing blanks on a daily basis, then don’t worry it’s a simple forgetfulness.

People can suffer from anxiety for different reasons. The most important thing is to recognize when you are experiencing an anxiety and when you suffer from it on a daily basis.

Have you ever experienced an anxiety? What other signs of anxiety can you add? Share your thoughts, please!