8 Obvious and Not So Obvious Dangers of Stress


Most people are trying to balance work, family and a social life, but sometimes it’s really hard to do. That’s why most of them have a tendency to get stressed and anxious. Some dangers of stress can be obvious, like you will be extremely tired, but others affect your internal organs and have a bad effect on your health. Check out some dangers of stress and tips on how to cope with them.

1. Depression

One of the most common dangers of stress is depression. When your body gets worn out, you become exhausted and you can no longer find the energy to be motivated and happy. This is very dangerous as if you’re stressed because of taking care of children or work, then you might not have motivation to continue working. Make sure you work in a stress free manner to protect yourself from being diagnosed with this severe mental illness.

2. Headache

There’s nothing worse than trying to work and having the terrible headache. Headache is one of the worst dangers of stress. When you’re stressed, your body’s defenses kicks into high gear to control your fast actions and racing thoughts. And it can give you a headache. Sure, an aspirin can help for a while, but a better way to prevent a headache would be to reduce stress in your life.

3. High blood pressure

When you are stressed out, your heart is working at higher rate to keep your body functioning properly. High blood pressure can permanently damage your brain, heart, kidneys and eyes, so when you feel overwhelmed with stress, take a few minutes to calm down. It can help you de-stress and after a while you might find out that your blood pressure is lowering.

4. Increases the risk of heart disease

Stressing can make you more susceptible to heart diseases. Studies found that people who cope with high levels of stress every day are more likely to have heart diseases and overall poorer health. Coping with stress in a healthy way, such as doing yoga or going for a run, can be very helpful in making your heart stronger for the future to avoid these diseases.

5. Weight gain

Many women deal with stress by overeating, but weight gain is not always due to eating. Even those women who eat a normal amount of food may also gain weight when they’re stressed. Stress results in the body not functioning to its full capacity, and that’s why weight gain occurs. So if you’re on a diet, try to stay away from stress.

6. Aggression

When you’re stressed out, you are angry, you are frustrated, and you don’t want to deal with someone who really annoys you. It’s understandable, but it’s a danger of stress as well. You might act out in a way you later regret. Plus, aggression is very dangerous to your health.

7. Affects a baby in the womb

Do you know the high levels of stress you have when pregnant could affect your baby’s physical and mental health? Studies have shown that the children of women who experienced the high levels of stress when pregnant, had increased risk of heart disease, poorer health, a higher level of aggression, and poorer coping methods for stress. That means that stressing over small hassles when pregnant could have a bad effect on your child’s health. Staying in a peaceful and serene environment is an extremely important thing to remember when pregnant.

8. Increases the risk of getting sick

When you are stressed out, your body runs out of energy and becomes worn out. And how can you expect your body to fight off illness or infection if it’s exhausted? Another danger of stress is that you are more likely to get sick. These illnesses can range from cold to pneumonia. When you’re overstressed about work, you need to stay at home for a few days.

While everybody deals with stress differently, it’s very important to learn how you cope with stress best. There are many ways to cope with stress like yoga, running, optimistic outlook, and time management. Try some of these out next time when you get stressed out in order to prevent these dangers of stress. Do you know any other dangers of stress? How does stress affect your health? Share your thoughts, please!