9 Date Night Beauty Essentials to Put in Your Bag


Going on a date is always fun, and with the right beauty essentials in your bag, you will keep yourself looking fresh and beautiful all night long! Check out a list of 9 date night beauty essentials to put in your bag.

1. Mini bottle of breath drops

I like those bottles of breath drops that are really small. They are the perfect size and I try to save them only for date night since they work fast, but last longer than breath mints. So always keep a mini bottle of breath drops in your date night bag. You can never know when the guy might kiss you!

2. Lipstick

Put in your bag a great lipstick that will keep your lips moisturized, tinted in color, and not overly dramatic. Reapply your lipstick as needed since you will be chatting away all night and perhaps need to whip this beauty product out of your purse at a moment’s notice. I like the coral lipstick since it offers a fresh twist that still looks natural and sexy.

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3. Brush

A brush is one of the date night beauty essentials to put in your bag! Whatever type of hair you are blessed with, you never know what type of circumstance or weather you will be up against. So be sure to carry a small comb or brush that you will have just in case!

4. Small container of blush

A small container of a rose or peach colored blush works for all skin tones. Blush will keep your cheeks looking rosy and young, but make sure you don’t apply too much. Blush can enhance your face by giving it a healthy, youthful glow.

5. Travel-size body lotion

I always keep a travel-size lotion in my bag and use it in two ways. I keep my hands moisturized, since I think this is very important for date night! After all, every man likes women with soft hands! And if my hair frizzes up, I apply a little bit of lotion to the strands and have them tamed in no time.

6. Eyeliner

I must admit that I absolutely can’t go anywhere without my black eyeliner. I always keep my eyeliner in my bag, because it can smudge and wear off easily. If you use pencils, be sure to carry a sharpener with you, in case it breaks. If you have brown eyebrows, you can go with espresso brown eyeliner. Eyeliner can really make your eyes stand out! I always use these tips for keeping the eyeliner from running!

7. Smoky eyeshadow

Such smoky eyeshadows as silver, black and grey can really enhance your eyes. Make sure you apply them in the outer corners and crease of your eye and not across your entire eyelid. Accent the inner corners of your eyes and top of your eyes with a lighter color like cream, white or shimmery beige. It will create a really dramatic and sexy look. But be sure to put this palette in your bag in case your makeup wears off during the night.

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8. Concealer

Concealer can cover up blemishes and it can absolutely conceal under-eye circles. You can even use concealer if your eyeshadow wears off because it creates a smooth shade over your eyelids. It can also take away dark circles in no time in case you are tired.

9. Toothpaste and toothbrush

It’s a date night beauty essential that you definitely need to carry with you! If you go out to eat, be sure to brush your teeth afterwards. Ingredients in foods such as onions, certain spices or garlic can linger on the breath, and sometimes even chewing gum can’t help! So why not carry a travel-size tube of toothpaste and travel-size toothbrush? You will feel better with a fresh mouth after eating than just chewing gum.

What are your date night beauty essentials? Do tell!