10 Awesome Christmas Decorating Trends


The holidays provide a fantastic opportunity to change your décor. Decorating your home with a fun, festive theme will help you celebrate the season in style. Plus, it will instantly boost your Christmas spirit. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to celebrate Christmas alone or throw a big party, you decorate your home for yourself.

I don’t have kids, but I always have a Christmas tree. It’s a family tradition that reminds me of my childhood. Besides using my favorite decorations, each year I add a tiny, modern twist to my Christmas decorating. If you’re anything like me, here are some of the most awesome Christmas decorating trends for 2015 that you may want to try this holiday season.

1. Vintage

The vintage look is all the rage for weddings, showers and more. Consider using this theme for your holiday decorations as well. Try using heirloom ornaments and burlap ribbon to create a vintage appearance. You can also find some old toys or vintage things and use them as Christmas decorations. Not only will you save money, but will add a vintage touch to your home.

2. Silver and gold

You’re probably familiar with Christmas carols that mention silver and gold. The popular combo is perfect for your home’s holiday décor. This elegant pairing will give your Christmas tree or table a shimmery glow against the bright lights. Silver and gold ornaments are also striking additions to your mantle.

3. Feathers

Using feathers will give your tree added height and dimension. It can also help you achieve a natural look in your wreaths and arrangements.  Your holiday decorations will feel earthy and sophisticated. You can buy either small or big white feathers, or opt for red feathers. There are many clear glass ornaments with feathers inside that are going to be popular at Christmas.

4. Faux snow

Even if you don’t live somewhere snowy, you can still experience a white Christmas. Try incorporating faux snow in your décor this season. It’s easy to find some at your local craft store. There are many ways to use faux snow. For instance, you can give the branches of your tree a light dusting of artificial snow to turn your home into a winter wonderland.

5. Bold

Bold jewel tones are always a good option for those who like to make a big statement with their Christmas decorations. Lights and ribbons in deep shades of red and green are nice, but you can also try something different like orange, yellow, or coral pink. Be daring with your décor and your guests are sure to take notice.

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6. Pastels

If you prefer a softer look in your home, pastels are the ideal choice. Pale blue or light green would work well with cream or white. You can use these hues in your Christmas garlands and arrangements through various flowers and fabrics. You can also make your own decorations. Pastels will give your holiday décor a sweet, subtle appearance.

7. Glitter

Give your home a little glitz and glamour by using glitter this season. It’s trendy and beautiful. The added sparkle and shine will make your home feel festive for your holiday parties and family gatherings. Glittery ribbons and ornaments would be gorgeous decorations for your tree this year. You’ll dazzle all your loved ones with the glimmering look.

8. Candy

You probably love eating sweets during the holidays, but you can also decorate with your favorite treats.  Vases filled with peppermints, ribbon candies and sugared nuts will make beautiful centerpieces for your buffet table. Plus, guests can help themselves to the goodies after the holiday dinner!

9. Topiaries

Why should Christmas trees get all the attention?  Large topiaries made of greenery and moss will make the perfect addition to your entryway.  Smaller ones made of ornaments, artificial fruit or pinecones can also be eye-catching decorations for your holiday table.

10. Simple and chic

For people that don’t like the clutter of bulky decorations, consider going with a simpler look.  Choose a slim tree and pair it with basic elements like white lights and a few small bows.  Packages that are wrapped in brown paper and tied with raffia will give you the clean lines you’re hoping for.  Less really is more in this case.  By using a minimalist approach, you’ll create a chic style that your guests will appreciate.

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The holiday season allows you to change the décor of your rooms without giving them a full makeover.  Any of the Christmas decorating trends on this list will help you craft a look that’s just right for your vision.  Find the decorations that fit your style and everyone will want to come home for the holidays! What are your favorite Christmas decorating trends?