10 Beauty Tips for Contact Lens Wearers


You may have been wearing contact lenses for years, or you may have just made the switch from spectacles. Either way, you probably love the convenience and enhanced vision that you enjoy because of your contacts. On the other hand, applying makeup, especially eye makeup, can be frustrating. Following these basic tips can minimize the frustration and risk associated with wearing both contact lenses and makeup.

1. Clean hands, clean makeup tools

When dealing with your eyes and the delicate skin around them, cleanliness is essential. Wash your hands thoroughly before you begin applying your makeup. Be sure that your makeup brushes and tools are also kept clean and in good repair. Never, ever share makeup or makeup tools with anyone As a bonus, you should find that your entire makeup job looks more polished and natural when you use clean, high-quality products.

2. Put your contacts in first

A major advantage of contact lenses is that you can wear them while you apply your makeup. In fact, you should insert your contacts before you apply any makeup to your face. You’ll see better and you will minimize the risk of eye infections.

3. Opt for waterproof, oil-free mascara

Oil-based mascaras and contact lenses do not mix. Likewise, you should always use waterproof mascara.  On the other hand, mascara that includes fibers and other thickening agents are a no-go; there is too much risk of flaking and debris falling into your eyes.

4. Cream eye shadow is preferable

You don’t have to give up on wearing eye shadow if your wear contact lenses. Simply substitute cream-based eye color for your favorite powder shades. Cream eye shadow is less likely to flake. You may need to adjust your application technique when you first begin using cream eye shadow, but the adjustment is worth the effort.

5. No liner on inner or lower lids

If you wear eye liner, use a fine-tipped brush or pencil and take your time drawing the line. Since you are wearing your contacts you should be able to see what you are doing. Limit eyeliner to your upper lids. Never, ever attempt to apply eyeliner to your lower lids and especially not to your inner lids. That is just asking for an eye infection.

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6. Choose hypoallergenic products whenever possible

Even if your skin is not especially sensitive, consider using hypoallergenic cosmetics whenever possible. Selecting hypoallergenic eye makeup is especially important. The same properties that make hypoallergenic cosmetics suitable for sensitive skin can protect your eyes from potential irritation.

7. Select pressed powder

Many women like to finish their makeup routines with powder. The powder sets the makeup in place and minimizes the appearance of oily skin on the nose and forehead. If you opt for powder as a final step in your makeup routine, opt for pressed powder rather than loose powder. While loose powder can produce a lovely smooth finish, it also tends to fly around, and at least some of that flying powder could end up in your eyes.

8. Remove eye makeup with care

When the time comes to remove your makeup, wash your hands thoroughly beforehand. Use products that are water based and fragrance free. Use a foam wedge rather than cotton balls to remove eye makeup to minimize the risk of fibers migrating into your eyes. Be sure that your makeup is completely removed before removing your lenses.

9. Consider disposable lenses

Back in the day, you had to boil your lenses regularly to keep them clean. Today, disposable lenses make it possible to ensure that your lenses are always clean. Ask your eye care professional if disposable lenses are a viable option for you.

10. Know when to wear glasses

Regardless of how convenient wearing contact lenses can be, there are times when you have to wear glasses, at least temporarily. If you accidentally poke yourself in the eye with your mascara wand, you will probably need to remove your lenses at least until the irritation in your eye has subsided. It also goes without saying that if you are suffering from any kind of eye infection, do not risk wearing contact lenses.

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When you wear contact lenses, it’s crucial to carefully apply your makeup. Although it’s always best to go make-up free, there are times when we need make-up. Hopefully, these little tips will help you avoid an eye infection and any other eye problems. If you know some other tips, share them with us, please.