10 Beauty Rules to Break


10. Blush belongs only on the apples of your cheeks

This is one of those rules that works for some women but shouldn’t be applied universally. Instead of just highlighting the widest part of your cheeks, use blush to contour your face. If you’re not quite that adventurous, just apply it where you naturally flush, which is usually on the cheeks and, to a lesser degree, the forehead.

A side benefit to breaking this rule is that it lets you get away with breaking another one: the rule about not wearing blush with bold lipstick. If you apply the blush farther back on your cheeks, there’s no reason you can’t wear both.

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Don’t let old, stale rules dictate your beauty routine. Go ahead – be adventurous and break some rules. But don’t just stick to these. If there are other beauty rules you’ve always hated, it’s time to toss them out and make your own rules.