10 Worst Diet Choices of All Time


When it comes to the worst foods to eat when on a diet, we usually think only about fattening foods. But, there are some beverages and foods that we think are healthy for us when we are trying to lose those pounds, but in fact, they aren’t. If you are on a diet, check out a list of worst diet choices of all time!

1. Whole milk

Since you need calcium, it’s important to include dairy products in your diet. But be sure to stay away from whole milk because it naturally contains a lot of fat. Opt for skim milk, or you can even try almond or soy milk instead.

2. White bread

I love white bread, and it’s so hard for me to realize that this is one of the worst diet choices of all time! White bread doesn’t really have any nutritional value, and it contains bad carbs. Moreover, the body treats this bread-like sugar, giving you more fat to store.

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3. Processed meat

When you are on a diet, deciding what to buy may become more difficult. You might buy the worst foods to eat when trying to lose weight without even knowing it.

For example, you might see fat-free or low-fat deli meats and think some chicken or turkey would be a healthy alternative to make for lunch every day. However, you should keep in mind that those meats are processed, and they cause weight gain.

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4. Natural fruit juice

All-natural fruit juices you find at the supermarket aren’t necessarily healthy. Even if you find juice that doesn’t have any concentrates, additives, or extra sugars, don’t buy it! A better beverage is water. You can also make your own juice at home or eat real fruit.

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5. Sugary cereal

Most of us think that cereal is a healthy diet choice, especially if we only eat it as a snack. But I’m going to say that sugary cereal is one of those worst foods to eat when on a diet. There are many other ways to satisfy your sweet tooth, so don’t even buy sugary sweet cereals, even those branded as ‘healthy.’

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6. Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the bad foods to eat when you are trying to lose weight. It’s even worse when they are fried, as with chips and French fries. If you eat potatoes now and then, it’s not so bad.

However, moderation is always important. While boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, and baked potatoes are much healthier than French fries, make sure you don’t eat them too much.

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7. Junk food

When you are trying to lose weight, avoid all types of junk food, especially chips, fast food, dips, candy, cakes, and cookies. If you have a tendency to snack, carry some healthy snacks in your bag to avoid buying junk food. You can always find a fat-free or low-fat choice for any traditional junk food.

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8. Soda

If you’re a soda fanatic, please stop drinking it! Soda is packed with sugar, and even diet soda is not healthy.

Drinking diet sodas is dangerous to your health, and it can lead to brain damage and heart diseases. So if you want to be healthy and fit, make sure you drink plenty of water every day.

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9. Peanut butter

Okay, girls, I know it’s sad to hear, but peanut butter can cause weight gain, especially if you eat too much of it. Sure, the protein is good, but you should moderate your peanut butter consumption and mix it with healthy foods.

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10. Vegetable oil

Finally, vegetable oil is one of the worst diet choices because it contains too much fat. Vegetable oil is heavily processed, so it is not good for you. It’s better to opt for extra virgin olive oil or canola.

Some of these diet choices are really surprising, and I didn’t even expect them because I thought they were healthy foods. What do you think of this list? Do you know any other bad diet choices? Please comment below!