7 Obvious Signs You’re Not Spending Enough Time with Your Kids


Nowadays, most parents are so eager to earn a lot of money for their children that they forget that their children need their parents love and attention, not money. If you are a busy working woman it can be difficult to spend enough time with your children.

Unfortunately, many women don’t even realize that they pay little attention to their children. If you are one of them, check out a few signs you’re not spending enough time with your kids.

1. Busy days

When you go to work your children are asleep and when you come back from work late in the night they are also asleep. If you see your kids awake only during the weekends and holidays, it’s one of the most obvious signs you’re not spending enough time with them.

2. Too many gifts

Parents who don’t spend enough time with their children often have a tendency to spend more money on them. They shower their children with toys and gifts, and give them a lot of pocket money. If you buy too many gifts for your kids, it may be a sign you are not spending enough time with your children.

3. Busy weekends

If you’re a mom who works weekends, you may not spend enough time with your children. If you don’t know which games your children play in the park or which friends’ place they visit on the weekend, it is a sign that you should change your schedule and stop working weekends.

4. Grandparents know more about your kids than you

Nowadays it’s common for children to spend more time with their grandparents. But if your parents know more about your children than you, it means that you must spend more time with your kids too know them better.

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5. You don’t know the names of your kids’ teachers and friends

Do you know the names of your kids’ teachers? Or, do you know your kids’ best friends? No? You definitely spend not enough time with your children!

As a parent, you must know all these small details. It’s also important to know who your children hang out with.

6. You are surprised at the feedback given by your kids’ teachers

Parents who spend enough time with their children know all about their school, how they behave and study at school. That’s why the formal feedback given by their kids’ teacher never comes as a surprise. When you don’t spend enough time with your children, you don’t know how they behave at school and what grades receive, so you can really be surprised that your children don’t know the math well and that they behave badly.

7. You pay more money the babysitter

The money you pay the babysitter is a big indicator of how much time you’re spending with your children. If your payments to the babysitter are increasing gradually, it’s an obvious sign that you’re leaving your children in the hands of the babysitter for much more time than you actually should.

It’s important to spend enough time with your children no matter what you do. Your children might like to spend time with their grandparents or nanny, but they need you as a parent.

Are you spending enough time with your kids?