7 Ways to Spend Your Time Wisely while You Don’t Have any Job


If you haven’t been working for a long time you may feel bad about yourself. When I’m in the same situation, I feel my self-esteem goes down. It’s incredibly hard to realize that you can’t earn enough money.

Usually, students after college and universities don’t have enough practice to find a job immediately, so they go through a lot of trouble. I have some tips for this situation because I have been at the same one. The main thing that will help you to live in the feeling that you live efficiently.

Even though your life without a job is empty, this feeling gives you the sureness in the fact that you don’t just waste your time. So, if you need some advice and you don’t really know what to do, I’m going to tell you how to go through this. If you have some practice too, don’t forget to share it with us.

1. Talk with more people

Don’t sit in the one place, just move! Life is really great, and you can feel it absolutely! Talk with everybody you see. It will help you to keep up with the world around you and you will stay at the same level with everybody.

Help your friends and help somebody who really needs it. Go to a bookstore, talk with everybody there, have some coffee with your friends, and know what was happening with them. No matter, you just need to go and talk!

2. Sales

All of us sometimes can be in some difficult life situations. And we should always save our money. When you were hired it is really important. So you can start by clipping some coupons and getting rid of the unnecessary elite internet services, for example.

Don’t waste your money, now you don’t earn enough. Sell things that you don’t need and buy products in the social markets. I know, earlier you didn’t buy the furniture on the yard sells, but now you need them all.

Don’t be shy, you must pay your bills and buy something to eat. You don’t know how much people usually buy things on the sales. I’m sorry that now you feel not so good, but I’m sure, if you want something, you will get it!

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3. Seek your job

Don’t look for it only on your computer, you can find your job in a really unexpected place. Pay your attention everywhere, and don’t ignore the jobs that are not the same as your education. Yes, maybe you will not like it at all, but you will have an income!

Don’t sit in one place, move, seek, talk with your friends and use all your contacts. Ask them, maybe they know some companies that are looking for you! Send everywhere your resume, use, for example, LinkedIn, or Craigslist, and post it to every company that can be of interest to hire a person like you!

4. Hobby

Don’t underestimate your hobby. This is very useful for finding the job of your dream. Let’s discuss this a little bit. A hobby is your favorite “work” that is really interesting for you.

So, you can develop in this and it will not be very hard for you! You can hone your skills effortlessly. So, if you don’t have any hobbies – get it! My work is closely connected with my hobby.

I have been fired once and couldn’t find the next one. So, all that I had – my hobby. And I started developing in it. I created my blog and wrote a lot of articles that really helped me when I started writing the new resume.

The next step was to work as a freelance writer. But even if it won’t be your job, it will relax you! Cook something, dance, joins a book class, just find something you really love to do and enjoy!

5. Just cook!

Everybody knows that you can’t eat for free. Learn some information about food and healthy cooking. You will save lots of money and you will really improve your life!

It’s really interesting and funny. There are many types of food all around the world, and you can try them all!

6. Web

Web your communication in your own way! Go everywhere you can talk with everybody you see, all your friends and relatives must know that you look for a job. Tell it everybody you’ve ever met – your sport’s team, people in the church you often go in, sellers in the drugstore, in supermarkets, etc. Put your own web everywhere on the parties, shops, restaurants.

Don’t be shy, sometimes your communication will help you. If you have already known the place where you want to work in, appear there as often as you can. Try to be hired there may be on the other position, and help your colleagues. These are the most useful ways to work as your dream!

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7. Take some free classes

Don’t forget, that there are a lot of free things around the world! You can travel absolutely free, you can get some books without any money, church events, some sports classes are free too. Find something to do for free, and again talk with people, develop and just do something! You can even walk in the parks and enjoy the beautiful nature!

We all have been in difficult life situations, but this is not the end. You can improve your life, and I’m sure my advice will definitely help you! So, have you ever been fired? How have you dealt with it? Give us some advice, please.