10 Vintage Beauty Tips to Use More Often


10. Petroleum jelly

This is still one of the best skin moisturizers on the market.  Despite all the hype surrounding more expensive products, good old petroleum jelly will combat wrinkles, relieve dryness and heal chapping as well as any of them.  Use it as a general moisturizer and texturizer for your lips, eyes, face skin, hands and feet or hair and you will never be disappointed with the results. Petroleum jelly produces a special coat on your skin which helps to keep it moisturized. It possesses tremendous healing, softening and rejuvenating qualities. Vaseline can serve as an improvised substitution for many cosmetic items: lip balm, eyebrow gel, elbow and knees cream, for make-up removal, hair conditioner, highlighter or scrub! Furthermore, it is a great foundation for other homemade beauty-aids. Though, I should mention that it’s not the best variant for oily and acne-prone skin. Its thick texture can clog up pores and cause an inflammation. Mix Vaseline with essential oils, powders, kaolin or your cleaners and the results will surpass your hopes!

A fancy bottle does not make a good product, and many skin and hair products are bought more for their look than for any real quality of their contents.  One should not assume that an old-fashioned product is inferior to a modern one, when the difference may simply be marketing.  Old products were used because they worked, and they still do.

To see the kind of results to be gained from homespun beauty and health aids, one only has to look at some of the famous examples.  Greta Garbo swore by petroleum jelly as a moisturizer, and Bette Davis slept with cucumbers on her eyes every night.  Rita Hayworth attributed her lustrous auburn hair to an oil treatment after every wash.  More recently, Christie Brinkley has advocated using beer as a hair treatment.  She points out that since it works just as well with stale beer, it’s a good way to get rid of your leftover brew after a party.  Does this qualify as recycling?

Before paying a fortune for cosmetics and moisturizers, try using something old-timey that might work just as well. You can stay rosy-cheeked with a lot less expense. Do you know any other vintage beauty tips?