7 Shades to Add to Your Winter Wardrobe


I enjoy fashion and adding seasonal colors to my clothing is something I love to do every year. Since winter is already here, I think every woman should know the list of winter colors to add to her wardrobe to be fashionable this season. These colors look wonderful on all skin tones, plus, you can find it in whatever you like – pants, coats, dresses, scarves, makeup, and handbags! Choose several things from the list for winter and you will feel elegant, refined, and trendy at the same time!

1. Silver

Do you agree that silver is a magnificent winter color you can add to your clothing? What I want to say is that you should use it much more than just some jewelry.

I like to wear dressy blouses, silver scarves, and eye shadows. As well as gold, a bit can mean a lot and can also make a great statement in your clothes, whilst you still look exotic and sophisticated.

2. Cranberry

I think that cranberry probably denotes winter more than any other color, and this is one of my favorite winter colors for winter. The burnt red color looks amazing in anything from lipstick to trousers.

Select a garment in cranberry and combine it with some white item of clothing, maybe black, that makes one more trendy outfit. Shoes of cranberry color are the other great, stylish thing today, and I desire to purchase them for myself!

3. Gold

I consider gold to be one of the best colors! Being vivid and breathtaking it goes well with all the shades you combine it with.

Try out gold scarves, gold earrings, or even gold heels, which are a charming little accent item to all winter outfits you decide to wear. With a bit of gold, you will look stunning!

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4. Camel

It’s known that camel is a tan color, and is probably my second go-to shade after black. While wearing this color, you always look gorgeous, and it does not matter if you are at work, or spending time with friends. It’s easy to find camel handbags, blazers, shoes, slacks, scarves, and even hats and watches.

I personally like combining camel with black that makes this color neutral, but still exotic which looks smooth and chic. Furthermore, everyone can wear it.

5. Winter white

Perhaps you know that winter white is not absolutely white, it’s more of a tint shade and I love to wear this color when it’s frigid outside. Winter white looks classical, elegant, and amazingly beautiful.

The best things you can purchase in this color are fluffy scarves, watches, trousers, and handbags. It’s a wonderful accessory to every piece of clothing, and you’ll feel winter right after you put it on.

6. Plum

It’s ok if you don’t like purple, you can try out plum color instead. I assure you it looks so amazing and actually brings something special to your clothes.

I like to wear plum-colored scarves, skirts, jackets, and sweaters, together with plum eye shadow too. Make a small accent and receive a marvelous way to bring this winter color to your outfits this year.

7. Emerald green

I like emerald green, mostly if it’s a blouse, dress or a scarf. It goes perfectly with all hair or skin tones and fits lots of other shades. In addition, it’s a nice color for a handbag.

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When you are tired of wearing one and the same clothes every winter just try out these new winter colors from above. I’m going to wear them all and I’m pretty sure you will do the same. Do you have your favorite winter color?