6 Ways I Jazz Up My Autumn Wardrobe


Autumn is one of the most magnificent and mysterious seasons of the year. With the coming of autumn the weather is changing rapidly and we should forget about pleasant summer days when we can enjoy warm air and bright sun and wear our favorite clothes that are so light and colorful. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and summer also does. Now it’s high time to refresh our wardrobe preparing it for cooler weather.

Usually, this changeover is rather difficult for me since it makes me feel gloomy and unsatisfied. But finally I overcome my seasonal depression and eagerly replace all my shorts and breezy dresses with warmer clothes. It’s very important for me to stay comfortable and be in vogue when the temperature goes down. That’s why I made it a rule to update my wardrobe when the new season is approaching. I don’t have to spend a lot of money on new things, though. All I need to look beautiful and keep warm in autumn is to sort out my clothes, give rein to my creativity and follow the latest trends in fashion.

Some people consider it impossible to be stylish in autumn because they have to layer numerous clothes that may appear clumsy. I think it’s absolutely wrong opinion. The following tricks help me to jazz up my autumn wardrobe without great expenses and they are really efficient.

1. I Sort Out My Wardrobe

As a rule, at the beginning of autumn I suddenly realize there are not so many clothes in my wardrobe that I can wear in cold weather and start thinking of buying new garments. However, it can be rather costly and there is no need to invest big sums of money into my seasonal clothes. I’ve found a wonderful solution that helps me to prepare my wardrobe for autumn. So, the first thing I always do is sorting out my clothes.

When I open my closet, I can see plenty of dresses that I didn’t wear last year and they don’t fit, are worn out or broken. If you have the same experience, I recommend you to get rid of items that are useless and only fill the space in your closet. Though, you may have a few things that you really like and you can’t throw them out. For example, there is a pretty checked shirt in my wardrobe which I love so much and I have been wearing it for 3 years, but I don’t plan to throw it away this fall.

Something that is still in good condition I may give to my friends. Plus, sorting out my garments according to their kind and shade assists me to find the one I need without spending much time. Cleaning-out your wardrobe will help you see what you have, what you need to purchase and it will create more room for new things.

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2. I Pick Out Some Garments for Alteration

It mostly concerns expensive garments that are smart and stylish. Taking into account the fact that classic clothes are everlasting and always in style, I never discard them easily. When it comes to expensive fabrics, like silk or cashmere I think twice before eliminating them from my wardrobe. I prefer to alter such clothes if they are broken. As a result I get a new garment and save money at the same time.

Last year I fired my favorite silk dress while ironing it. I was completely frustrated and ready to throw it out, but my friend advised me to repair it. A specialist altered my dress by changing its broken parts for different kinds of silk. Now I have a silk dress that looks fresh and marvelous.

3. I Wear Summer Clothes

Despite the fact that summer has gone, we shouldn’t forget about our beautiful silk dresses, blouses and shorts. Just a bit of your creativity is essential to match successfully some of your summer clothes with those you wear in autumn. For instance, silk dresses are perfectly matched with woolen cardigans.

One of the best combinations for me is a long skirt with heel boots and a leather jacket. I should say this outfit never fails. Another option that makes me look chic and glamorous is a colored skirt with a woolen sweater and thick tights. Autumn is a great season when we can combine loose clothes with thick ones and achieve lots of bright outfits with their help. Everything depends on your creativity.

4. Layering Is a Nice Solution

I think layering is an excellent way to update your summer clothes and accessories for autumn. Nonetheless, we should be careful and keep it simple not to overdo. The main rule is to use no more than 3 items that you want to layer in your outfit. Since I can’t leave my sleeveless tops and dresses in autumn, I’ve discovered a nice way to transform them by layering sweaters and cardigans.

Nowadays we have a wide range of blouses and dresses that are in different colors, length, fabrics and styles. That gives us an endless opportunity to experiment with our outfit in fall. In addition, layering helps me to look slim!

5. I Choose the Right Accessories

A leather belt, colorful scarf and knit cap are the most suitable items I generally use to re-invent my wardrobe for a colder season. The only thing you should bear in mind is not to mix them all together, otherwise, you will look as if winter has come and all your attempts to create a fantastic style will fail at once.

I think scarf is the most preferable accessory and it can add chic and exquisiteness to any of my garments. Moreover, we can choose from light silk scarves to warm woolen ones and they will never spoil our fashion in autumn. A wide leather belt is a simple accessory that I wear with long tops and dresses to accentuate my waistline. Plus, I can buy them in a variety of styles and colors.

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6. I Incorporate Fall Hues into My Wardrobe

Without a doubt, the colors we wear in autumn should reflect the natural changes we can observe around us. It would be a splendid idea to incorporate darker hues into our daily wardrobe. Olive, rust, mustard yellow, different shades of brown and red are the most popular fall hues that do miracles with my look. Darker denim is a right choice for autumn, when the weather gets colder. I enjoy mixing a pair of dark jeans with plain or printed blouses. This outfit is a fantastic option for office as well as for meeting with friends.

These are just a few ways that can be useful for renewing your wardrobe before autumn. There is an immense variety of clothing items such as thick cardigans, heel boots and leather jackets that can instantly transform your wardrobe from summer to autumn.

Creativity is the first thing I try to stick to when changing my clothes for cold weather. It is possible to stay stylish even throughout the cold season. Clean out your closet and you’ll certainly find some multi-functional items that can be added to your autumn wardrobe. How do you usually refresh your wardrobe for autumn? What are your preferences in autumn clothing?