7 Causes of Childhood Obesity and How to Tackle It


As a mother, you should certainly know the causes of childhood obesity and how to prevent or tackle it. Even if your child eats healthy the whole school day, it’s also important to teach them healthy habits outside of school hours.

Also, you should keep your child active because it helps their mental and physical health as well as helps to fight or prevent childhood obesity. Here are a few main causes of childhood obesity and how you can combat it.

1. Consuming sugar-laden cereal

Eating sugar-laden cereal for breakfast can lead to weight gain and sugar crashes. Plus, your child will have a drop in their energy level as a result of the breakfast you served. It’s better to make oatmeal or some eggs or serve a low-sugar cereal.

2. Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast is one of the main causes of childhood obesity. Those kids who eat breakfast have more energy and a more balanced mood, and they also perform better on tests than kids who skip breakfast. So be sure to feed your child breakfast every single day!

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3. Drinking sugar-laden drinks

Avoid giving your child sports drinks or juice boxes, because they are the major sources of empty and unnecessary calories. Sure, the occasional juice box won’t harm, but this must not be a daily habit. You can fight or prevent childhood obesity by teaching healthy habits!

4. Eating unhealthy snacks

Keep in mind that the snacks for your family, especially for your child must consist of veggies and fruits. This is one of the best ways to combat or prevent childhood obesity! Also, make sure your pantry is stocked with brown rice, oatmeal, and beans. Make healthy eating a lifestyle for your family!

5. Not spending time outdoors

Children who play outdoors have much more energy, confidence, and a lower risk of obesity. So feel free to send your child outdoors. If you worry about safety, you can allow your child to play in your yard or go to your local park and spend some quality time together as a family.

6. Watching too much TV

I hope you know that all those mindless hours of watching TV shows rot your brain and add those extra inches to your waistline, so tell me, please, why do you allow your child to watch too much TV? Turn off the television and spend time doing some outdoor activities with your child. Go for a run, ride a bike together, or play tennis. It’s a great way to spend time together while staying healthy and lean together!

7. Avoiding playing sports

If you’ve never played sports, it doesn’t mean that your child shouldn’t play sports as well! Exposing your kid to different sports is one of the best ways to fight and prevent childhood obesity.

Try exposing your child to a great variety of sports so that they can decide what they like and enjoy doing it. This is also a great way to make new friends.

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Now, when you know some of the major causes of childhood obesity, be sure to prevent it! What do you make for your child’s lunch? Do you have any tips on how to combat childhood obesity? Please share in the comments.