7 Wonderful Ways to Wear Cable Knit This Season


Cable knit belongs to classics as it is never out of fashion in any cold season and this winter is not the exception. Apart from being stylish wherever you go and on every occasion, cable knit will always keep you warm no matter what.

But you should know that there are far more ways to wear it and look just fantastic, not only jumpers. So now I`m going to present you with some of the best ways to wear cable knit this winter season.

1. Massive scarves

The most popular and effortless way to wear cable knit is to have a massive scarf that would match your outfits and the color of your eyes, hair, and skin. The scarf would better be of natural constituents so it will warm you up and will not cause any allergic reaction.

For example, a cashmere scarf will be very soft and tender to hide your chin in. As a rule, scarves of key colors look really great with any outfit.

2. Effortless cardigan

Do you often get cold in winter? You need a thick cable knit cardigan immediately! It is another universal must-have part of every woman`s wardrobe. Long-lined cardigans of quiet colors like dark blue or wine red will be perfect to wear at work and in the office.

You will look stylish and keep warm which is very important. Cardigans of bright color are ideal to match with jeans. My favorite look is an unbuttoned neon cardigan, jeans, and some visible jewelry. You should certainly try it!

3. Colorful gloves

If your hands are always cold in winter I have got a great way out of it for you. Woolen cable knit gloves will warm you up in no time.

This season the gloves of bright colors are on the pick of their popularity, while black and brown remain the classical basis of every wardrobe. Woolen bright knit gloves will refresh your winter look and sparkle it up a little.

4. A slouchy jumper

Putting on a slouchy jumper is one of the most effortless and common ways to wear cable knit. Jumpers of classic white, cream, and black colors should be in the wardrobe of every woman as such a look is timeless. By choosing matching accessories you can turn it into something really out of the plain type.

I adore the combination of a black jumper and black trousers with golden jewelry, it is so charming. There are many other bright colors which are worth our attention as well. They will make a perfect outfit for the coming festive season, just choose the right additions and details.

5. Peplum

If you are a fan of peplum style you must have a nice cable knit peplum jumper, if you are not then you should try it. Jumpers of peplum style are perfectly combined with skinny jeans or leather trousers.

To accomplish your perfect look add some lip gloss and let your hair down. You will not only look great and fantastic, but it will also keep you warm during the biting winter frosts.

6. Oversized

Every woman should have at least one oversized knit jumper, firstly, because they are warm and comfy and, secondly because they are versatile. Such a jumper will look fantastic when combined with jeans or with a skirt and tight.

You can also choose longer ones to be worn as a dress along with boots and tights. Another small benefit is that an oversized jumper will hide some drawbacks of your figure.

7. Beanies

Beanies belong to the casual part of your wardrobe and are really needed when winter gets severe. You should only choose the right one to match your complexion and to combine with your outerwear. Voila! You look super stylish and cute and, moreover, you will be always warm and protected from flu.

Knitted clothes never go out of fashion and are at peak of their popularity every winter season. It is stylish, comfy, and very warm.

What you should do is to choose a versatile color and style and then cable knit will take the leading place in your winter wardrobe. There are so many ways to wear cable knit which one do you prefer?