7 Easy Ways to Jazz Up Your Work Wardrobe


I`m sure every working girl has faced the problem of how to spice up her office wardrobe but not every one of us can find the right solution. We can`t afford a new fashionable attire every week, unfortunately, but what we can do is to brighten up our usual clothes.

It is quite possible by using proper accessories, nice prints and matching colors. So remember and use the following tips.

1. Texture, print, color

Even if you have to stick to a certain dress code in your office this doesn`t at all mean that you have to concentrate only on dim and dark colors like black, gray, etc. Very often it happens so that working wardrobe lacks color.

When you are going to buy a top next time, be careful while deciding the color. Let it be bright and juicy (not neon of course) but when you combine it with dark skirt or trousers it will look just fine.

The same is with prints and fabrics. The same items made of different materials look also different. So when choosing your clothes watch the fabric and print and color all together match your skin, color of your eyes and hair, it will definitely change your everyday working look for the better.

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2. It is all about accessories

By using proper and well-thought accessories you will transform any simple look into something really gorgeous. You shouldn`t be like a Christmas tree though, remember that being moderate is our main rule.

A necklace, studs, a chic watch will match most of your clothes and spice it up, which is our goal. Moreover, they may be very practical as well. A chunky watch on your wrist will look amazing and you`ll never be late.

3. Choose a blazer

Blazers belong to those clothes universals which should be found in every woman`s wardrobe. As you put on your favorite blazer you look stylish and professional to go to your office.

On the other hand, wearing it in your everyday life will make your look nice and trendy. It may be combined with tank tops or loose T-shirts very easily. So find a blazer to your taste and it will surely become your favorite item to spice up your wardrobe.

4. Lingerie

It is no longer a secret that high-quality lingerie adds more confidence and self-esteem to every woman. Don`t disregard this justifying it only by the fact that nobody sees your underwear. It is more than enough that you see it.

It is very important to choose lingerie of good quality, it must suit you well and you should feel yourself very attractive in it. Then, when walking along the corridors of your office you will feel you steps to be more confident and magnetic no matter what you wear. So this way to spice up your wardrobe is definitely very effective and really tempting and spoiling.

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5. Shoes

You may choose a very good option as the women considered to be style icons did – make your shoes the main spice of your look. This shouldn`t be something very extraordinary or only high heels, not at all.

Depending on the weather you may take out a pair of flats, sandals or knee high boots from the closet, put them on and go conquering the world. A well chosen pair of shoes will make everybody turn back to look at you.

6. Add a scarf

Actually, a scarf is a must-have thing in a wardrobe of every woman. It gets colder outside so we inevitably have to wrap ourselves into something warm, soft and extremely stylish!

Now you can find a scarf of any color and with any possible print to match your desires, knitted or woolen, of any shape and size, everything is just for you. Some light scarves are so universal in use that you may wrap it around your neck, use as a headband or even as a belt.

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7. Pretty up your nails

A beautiful girl must be beautiful in everything including such a small thing as your nails. They are a very good and easy way to spice up your everyday working look.

It is not necessary to have an intricate drawing on your nails which you would type away at the keyboard the next day. But still polish it with the color matching your make-up or some accessories and you get what you`ve wanted. By the way, ombre technique is on top of its popularity now.

The main thing you should remember is that you shouldn`t place too tight borders to your working wardrobe. Don`t be afraid to experiment and try new things.

Working clothes should look official but never boring. So find your renewed look to make you feel fresh, attractive and unutterably beautiful!