10 Salon Beauty Treatments You Should Never Try at Home


9. Gel Polish

Getting a good finish with a gel nail polish might be easy with your dominant hand, but it will be a nightmare to accomplish with your weaker hand. Even if are ambidextrous, the likelihood of getting a salon-quality gel nail job at home is pretty slim. A professional job will last you two weeks, so just go for it.

Gel polish is incredibly versatile and it’s much easier to create various nail designs. A professional can even add some length to your nails by using gel polishes. Gel polish is definitely more expensive than traditional polishes, but a lot of women enjoy the pros of this type of nail treatment.

Gel polish removal should also be done by a professional. In a salon your nails will get soaked in a special solution and then scraped off. Get your nails done professionally and you won’t have any problems!