10 Important Beauty Tips for an Active Lifestyle


Leading an active lifestyle calls for a different beauty regime for most women. Heavy makeup will not look so good after an intensive workout no matter how well you apply it beforehand.

After a workout, most women have around 10-15 minutes to apply their makeup and style their hair before having to dash straight to work or to pick up the kids. The following list gives ten important beauty tips to help you look your best no matter how hard you train.

1. Hot Oil Treatments

Your hair is one of the first things that suffer after spending all day under the sun. Those who play outdoor sports often find that their hair becomes dry, brittle and more prone to split-ends. Nourish your hair with a hot oil treatment using Argan, coconut or even olive oil.

Warm a little of the oil, and add a drop of your favorite essential oil. Massage into your hair and scalp, and leave for several hours before shampooing.