7 Healthy Sandwiches for Weight Loss You Should Definitely Try


5. Tuna fish sandwich

If you want to get a lot of taste and plenty of protein, try a tuna fish sandwich. It has a large amount of vitamin D and tastes greatly.

This fish is good for lowing blood pressure, for heart health and aiding weight loss. You can use tuna, fresh or canned albacore.

You will need: 1 6 ounce can of organic wild albacore tuna or fresh tuna, 2 slices of whole wheat bread, ¼ cup of minced celery, 1 teaspoon of organic light mayonnaise, and ¼ cup minced onions.

Mix mayonnaise, tuna, onions and celery together. Toast slices of bread, then spoon your tuna mixture across sandwich and finish with the slice on top.

The last step is to cut the sandwich in half. You can benefit from high protein, low fat and enjoy the taste.