Healthy Lifestyle Basics: Positive Attitude, Healthy Diet, Exercise


The basics of a healthy lifestyle are so simple it is often easy to dismiss them: have a positive attitude, eat properly, and exercise. These have been emphasized for years. They do not require a huge investment of time or money and can easily become a routine part of daily life.

Set simple goals

Perhaps attitude is the best place to begin because a good attitude naturally leads to the other two components. Set simple, attainable goals each day then quietly celebrate as each is accomplished.

Doing this one thing begins to shut down the negative feedback and replace negative words with congratulatory words. It isn’t complicated. Respect and encourage yourself as you do others.

Healthy diet is really quite simple

A healthy diet is really quite simple, too. Fruit, whole grains, nuts, and vegetables are the basics, along with protein. An easy and fun approach is to adopt the nutritional advice to “eat the rainbow,” meaning to eat foods of different colors each day.

These do not need to be exotic or expensive foods. Carrots, bananas, bell peppers, broccoli, grapes and oranges are a few inexpensive yet colorful suggestions. In fact, some of the best foods are also the cheapest.

Exercise reinforces positive attitude

Exercise reinforces positive attitude, relieves stress, re-sets hormone levels, and releases endorphins. Rather than dreading this part of a healthy life, pick something convenient that you enjoy doing.

A simple 20-minute walk, especially with friends or co-workers, is perfect. It allows you to move, socialize and re-focus. A quick walk is another thing to celebrate at the end of the day.

Walking is often recommended because it requires nothing more than an inexpensive pair of shoes and can be done anywhere.

So, take a walk, have a serving of fruit or vegetables, limit fried and processed foods, then congratulate yourself! Repeat daily for lifelong health.