10 Great Ideas for Cheap Christmas Dates


Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to become closer with other people. You can arrange numerous meetings with those whom you love since there is a wide range of things you can do together. But in some cases it can turn out to be a real problem as some of the entertainments available during festive season are quite expensive. Though, we still try hard to impress sweethearts. Fortunately nowadays we can find lots of cheap ways to amuse ourselves at holiday dates. If you want to have an unforgettable and cheap date at Christmas time, don’t forget to be romantic, creative and simple. I would like to help you to organize a fantastic holiday date without spending much money. Consider the following ideas.

One of the activities which you can enjoy together with your boyfriend is walking around the biggest shopping center in your town. It will be a great amusement for you! Usually when we go shopping alone it can be quite a stressful experience. But the presence of the one you love will make this activity really pleasant. It’s a splendid idea to buy Christmas presents for relatives and friends together. Your boy’s opinion will help you significantly to make the right choice. Besides you can purchase gifts for each other.

2. Wrap Gifts

That is a great chance to have fun together and you don’t need to pay any money for that. Place all the presents which you’ve bought on the floor and sit around with your sweet one. Pack carefully your gifts and wrap them in some bright colorful paper. While doing that you can share your childhood memories about Christmas. Be sure, that will evoke only warm feelings in your boyfriend’s heart.

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3. Enjoy Christmas Lights

Going out for a date is a nice decision, especially if it is Christmas season. You can drive to the center of your town and admire lots of sparkling lights which fully represent magnificent festive atmosphere. I think you will be satisfied with such idea for Christmas date as you’ll be able to chat with the person and observe fabulous sighs of your town.

4. Watch Your Favorite Films

Today we can choose from a great number of Christmas films that are really funny and memorable. There are some which we have already known for years and those which have recently come out. You can pick up any of them, sit on your soft and cosy sofa and watch your favorite movies for hours. It might be a surprise for you but your local library can offer an abundance of interesting Christmas films. And that is for free!

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5. Volunteer

Volunteering is a perfect way to help all the needy people. What is more important, when you do that together with your sweetheart you will get more satisfaction from such activity. Everything you need just join one of the local charities which and after you can be offered to help people at hospital, cook Christmas dinner for the homeless or visit an orphanage.

6. Visit a Museum

Certainly, some popular museums in your town can require quite high entrance fee. But there are some special days when the price can be significantly lowered. Don’t miss such an opportunity! When you plan your visit to the museum make sure that you choose the exhibitions which will definitely appeal to you as well as your boyfriend.

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7. Make Christmas Pastries Together

No doubt that every minute that you spend together with your sweetheart makes you closer and gives you more possibilities to discover each other. That’s why you should suggest your loving boy to bake some cakes or biscuits at your kitchen. Look for some unusual recipe on the Internet and get the necessary ingredients. Common work will definitely unite you and your guy. Besides, after your cake is ready you can taste it with a cup of hot tea. Pleasant conversation will be a wonderful completion of this festive evening.

8. Go Ice-Skating

I’m sure that you have at least one skating-rink in your town, no matter where you live. It can be an outdoor or indoor ice-rink. I would strongly recommend you to arrange your date at this place. You will be able to touch your boyfriend at any moment, even without a reason, hold each other’s hands. You will have a great fun while falling on the ice and looking into your guy’s eyes. You will greatly appreciate those moments.

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9. Invite Him to Your Christmas Party

It’s an amazing idea to invite the person you love to a Christmas party organized by your company. Just ask him before if he doesn’t mind meeting and communicating with lots of new people. Usually, big companies provide free dinner and drinks for their employees. In such way, you celebrate the holiday together with your man without any extra expenses.

10. Choose a Christmas Tree

All the Christmas preparations will bring you happiness and warm feelings if you make them with the sweetheart. As for me, the purchase of a Christmas tree is one of my favorite activities before the holiday. You will be amazed how good can be a date at the Christmas tree farm when choosing the best green decoration for your home. The brightest emotions and high spirits are guaranteed for you!

Definitely, there are so many ways to have a brilliant and unforgettable date at Christmas. But to avoid some unnecessary expenses you should plan it in advance. Don’t forget that you can have a perfect date at any place and any time. Everything depends on your creativity and deep feelings to the one you love. I hope these ideas will help you to arrange memorable and cheap Christmas date. If you know any other ways feel free to tell us.