10 Christmas Tree Hair Ideas for the Craziest Party


Christmas tree hair is taking Instagram by storm, and luckily, it is absolutely easy to create, especially if you have long locks. All you need is an empty water bottle or birthday cone hat, the strongest-hold hairspray you can find, and your favorite Christmas tree decorations. Depending on your type of hair and its length, you may need to practice first before you come up with something unusual for your craziest party. Take a look at some Christmas tree hair ideas to know where to start.

1. Sparkling Star

2. Messy Christmas Tree

3. Crazily Tall Christmas Trees

4. Red Star

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5. Bright and Festive Tree

6. Golden Star

7. Miss Elegance

8. Fake tree

9. Fluffy Laziness

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10. For Your Significant Other

Christmas tree hair is definitely a thing now and I am sure it will be even a bigger trend the next year, so start practicing. The great news is that this hair trend is actually versatile and you can use it for Valentine’s Day or any other summer party. Just change the ornaments and here you go! Are you going to try this trend?