8 Beauty Products and Clutch-Friendly Items for Clubbing


When you are going out with your friends, you want to have all essential things, but do not want to drag a large bag along. Check out a list of some beauty products and clutch-friendly items for clubbing that come in small packages, but pack a powerful punch!

1. Blotting papers

No matter what the occasion, blotting papers are definitely essential beauty item. Blotting papers come in a small package so you can blot excess oil and banish shine without disturbing makeup. Don’t use powder to get rid of oil, as it can look unnatural. You can also use napkins to get rid of shine just in a few seconds.

2. Pressed powder

Pressed powder can be the bulky beauty product to carry around but it’s very convenient. Use powder to reset the makeup or use the mirror to reapply lipstick or just make sure the makeup is perfect! When I’m going out with the girls, I always take pressed powder!

3. Eyeliner

If you put eyeliner on your waterline, it may easily fade after a couple of hours. Take along small pencil eyeliner so you can touch up your lash line or waterline. If you don’t wear eyeliner, you can carry a small eye shadow palette or any other beauty product for your eyes. No matter what the product, it must be compact!

4. Lip gloss or lip balm

Long-wearing lipsticks and lip stains are the best option to keep up your lip color with you during a night of fun. But if you like lip glosses or lip balms, make sure you take them along so you quickly can reapply during the night. You might also want to carry a moisturizing lip balm just in case your lips get really dry or chapped.

5. Nail file

There are many different kinds of nail files which are small and easy to take along so you can stow one small away in your purse for easy access. You don’t want to cope with a broken nail when you are enjoying your night, right?

6. Gum and breath mints

Okay, I know gum and breath mints are not a beauty product, but they can be really important when you hang out. If you have had a food or a few drinks, your breath might not be so fresh so carry a pack of mints or gum so you will be prepared just in case you get into a close contact with a nice guy!

7. Hair tie

You may start off your night with pin-straight hair or tousled waves, but when the night goes on you might want to get your hair out of your face. Take along a hair tie so you can easily put your hair up in a ponytail or a messy bun.

8. Lash glue

Keep a small tube of lash glue in your purse in case you wear falsies. False eyelashes can come off at the most inopportune time. Even if you are a pro at applying false eyelashes and making them stay put, take it along just for emergencies. The glue comes in a very small tube so it’s really compact!

What are some of your beauty products and clutch-friendly items for clubbing? Share your thoughts, please!