7 Ways to Cut Calories without Making Huge Sacrifices


Do you know that you can cut calories without actually being on a diet? An average person who doesn’t watch their weight gains approximately one to two pounds every year. To avoid this, consume just 100 fewer calories per day and don’t forget about exercises! Check out a few simple and effective ways to cut calories without making huge sacrifices.

1. Stay active

No matter whether you are at home or at the office, you should keep the calories burning! Park far away from your work, take the stairs, and do some squats or push-ups when you have a free time. At home utilize your vacuuming and dusting as shoulders and triceps workout. Have fun while burning extra calories throughout your day!

2. Start your meals with a salad

If you start your meals with a salad you will consume fewer calories during your meals. It’s one of the easiest ways to cut extra calories and curb your appetite. Make sure you eat a healthy salad with a low fat dressing. I usually add skim cheese and a sprinkle of nuts to my salad!

3. Eat an apple a day

When eaten in fresh and whole state, apples are full of powerful antioxidants. Apples also contain vitamin C and pectin that is a natural fat burner! Eating one apple every day for a snack is an effective and simple way to cut calories.

4. Drink water

Sometimes people confuse hunger with thirst and end up eating more, when they really need a glass of water! Always drink water before, during and after eating. You’ll feel much fuller and find yourself less sore after exercise. You will consume far fewer calories if you stay hydrated!

5. Opt for an appetizer menu

Since many restaurant portion sizes are often double a regular portion size, it’s better to order of the appetizer menu. You won’t feel deprived and cut calories when dining out. Order a salad or non-creamy soup. By the way, you can save a few bucks that you can use to buy new clothes for your skinny wardrobe!

6. Smile

Smiling will help you to stay positive during the day! Have you ever seen runners with an occasional smile? A person who exercises regularly benefits with a positive boost. You’ll feel happiest after you exercise because of a sense of accomplishment and large calorie burn. Smile and be happy and you’ll see how easy exercise can be!

7. Be positive

Look at the world’s most successful people. They are always positive and they find something positive out of everything negative. Try to think positive and it will help you to get closer to your weight loss goals! Moreover, positive thinking will make cutting those calories feel easier!

What easy and effective ways do you already follow? Do you have any tips for cutting calories without making huge sacrifices? Share them please.