The New Wave Brow Trend: Slay or Nay?


Some people see it and cringe. Others call it magical. No, it is not the newest unicorn-inspired hipster treat. Perhaps you have seen your Instagram blowing up over this latest beauty trend called the “wavy” or “squiggle” brow. These snaky, flowing brows might look like a Photoshop optical illusion, but they are actually quite doable and do not require much makeup skill to achieve.

But the question that I am posing to you is what do you think of these wacky, wavy brows? They are not anything like feathered eyebrows or the barbed wire brows that have also become a trend of late. These wave brows are actually quite unique in a sense that you can do a lot with them.

Just in time for Halloween

Whether you are in love with this new brow trend or would rather see all Instagram posts containing it set on fire, you have to admit one thing: these wave brows have come right in time for Halloween.

For example, the famous Vlogger Promise Tamang looked utterly cartoonish with her brows all squiggly. Imagine the possibilities.

She even went on to reveal how she achieved the snaking eyebrows and wavy lips that matched it. Basically, she used washable Elmer’s school glue to flatten her eyebrow hairs. Then, Tamang used concealer to erase two sections of the brow. Once she did that, next came the squiggles. This was done using gel eyeliner and brow pomade.

Some call BS and say it is an atrocity fabricated in Microsoft Paint. When a beauty expert, Tonya Crooks from The BrowGal, was asked about the new wavy brow trend, she said,

“I try to stay away from brow trends due to the fact that brows are a timeless asset to the face. Everyone has a blueprint shape to fit his or her face according to his or her facial structure. Brow trends are great for editorial, red carpet or Instagram, etc., but for everyday I would avoid them.”

While this lady is not entirely sold on the wiggles either, I am standing by my belief that the sheer outlandishness of wavy eyebrows can add an element of surprise to your Halloween costume or be a key accessory in, let’s say, editorials.

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Wacky eyebrow trends are here to stay

For example, if I was to coddle in this trend, I would dress up as a distorted mirror reflection. Depending on your makeup skills, you could potentially make your entirely body look like a squiggle. Or at least work some special effects magic around your hairline and neck.

So whether you think wavy brows are slay or nay, we can’t ignore that wacky eyebrow trends are here to stay. Until these crazy eyebrows are no longer receiving love (and hate) on Instagram and other platforms, I think we are going to see more ideas reminiscent of wavy, barbed, feathered, and painted brows. With that said, anyone have some Elmer’s glue I can borrow?

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