7 Tips for Relieving Muscle Stiffness


When we get out of bed, sometimes we start to feel muscle stiffness and soreness. Evidence shows that stretching can help to ease and relieve stiffness and can also help start your day with energy! Check out a few tips for relieving muscle stiffness which will help you to start your day the pain-free way.

1. Start with stretching

Stretching is absolutely essential for a healthy and balanced body. And even though it’s usually overlooked, stretching can help reduce risk of injury and relieve muscle stiffness. You can also include cobra stretch that helps stretch out your lower back. Lying on your stomach, straighten out your arms and push your upper body toward the sky. Do some shoulder rolls and you’ll be ready to have a good day.

2. Exercise to increase your blood flow

Exercising will increase your blood flow and lubricate your joints. So get out of your bed and get moving! It’s one of the best ways to relieve muscle stiffness. If you’re just starting out, try walking and if you’re advanced, then go for a bike ride, run, etc. Swimming is also great exercise that can help to relieve joint pain!

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3. Replace your mattress

To get a good night’s sleep and to relax your joints, it’s important to have a bed that’s in a very good condition. A good mattress makes the difference in whether you’ll wake up with a stiff back or have a really good sleep. So check the condition of your mattress and try to replace it every 7-10 years.

4. Take a warm bath before bed

To wake up with less stiffness and more energy you can take a warm bath before bedtime. Taking a bath before bed will relieve your aches and pains and will help give you more energy for the next day!

5. Pay attention to your sleep position

Sleep position usually boils down to what helps you to fall asleep more easily. There are people who like to sleep on their side in the fetal position while other people prefer to sleep on their back. But the best sleep position for relieving muscle stiffness is to lie on your left side, since it increases blood flow. To avoid stress on your lower back and hips, you can put a pillow between your legs.

6. Don’t let stress take over your life

Life is too short to stress yourself too often. Many studies show that back pain often occurs from stress. So when you are stressed, take a few deep breaths, relax and stay positive. In this way you will feel more satisfied mentally and relieve muscle stiffness.

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7. Dim or turn off lights

Make sure you turn off or dim the lights to cue your body clock. When you set your mood for a restful night it’s much easier to fall asleep, and a good, restful night’s sleep will definitely help you to relieve tension and stiffness in muscles.

How will you integrate some or all of these tips into your daily life? Do you have any other tips for relieving muscle stiffness? Share your thoughts, please!