19 Tips to Make Your Breasts Grow Faster


15. Boost your vitamin intake

Vitamin deficiencies can affect your health and your breast growth as well. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in collagen and elastin production, Vitamin A helps enhance skin cell rejuvenation and regeneration, vitamin B6 plays a crucial role in the formation of red blood cells, and vitamin E helps reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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16. Increase your prolactin level

Prolactin plays a significant role in how big your breast size is. It stimulates fat storage as well as growth inside your breasts.

There are a few ways to increase your prolactin level in a natural way, but probably the most effective one is by consuming the herbs like blessed thistle, nettle, fennel and fenugreek. However, it does not mean you should munch on the herbs all day long. A little bit every day will go a long way.

17. Improve your growth hormone development

The growth hormone, somatotropin, is a peptide hormone that aids in cell regeneration and reproduction. With a myriad of supplements available these days, you may want to invest in one that will help you improve your growth hormone development. But I suggest following three main rules: get 8 hours of sleep and go to bed before 11 pm in order to get your daily dose of beauty sleep, snack on food high in protein, and consume super foods like goji berries.

18. Lower your testosterone level

Men with a low testosterone level and a high estrogen level often have enlarged breasts. If you eat testosterone-rich foods regularly, this may be a reason you have small breasts. Eliminate meat, sugary treats, chips, white rice, and oysters.

19. Avoid going tanning

Not only can it lead to cancer, but can also stop your breast growth. Sunburns disappear in a few days while increasing your risk of droopy breasts. Protect your girls by lathering on the quality sunscreen and covering up them while tanning, though it is best to avoid going tanning at all.

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The main advice I can give you right now is to love your body, no matter your breast size. There is nothing wrong with small bbs. After all, a lot of guys claim they love women with small breasts. If you desperately want to make your breasts a bit bigger, then give some of these tips a try and let me know about your results.