8 Things Every Woman Should Know about the Birth Control Pill


Every woman knows that the pill is among the most effective ways of birth control, but have you ever thought about problems connected with taking the pill? In fact, there are many of them! Unfortunately, sometimes doctors don’t tell women about the bad sides of such medicine.

The problem is that most women are interested only in a positive result of the pill, as it has great power over birth control. However, there are some terrible aspects to the pill. If you take it regularly, look at the list of 8 bad things about the birth control pill you should certainly be aware of.

1. The pill contains carcinogens

You may never think that birth control medicine is equal to cigarettes concerning its influence on a woman’s organism. The World Health Organization claimed that the pill causes damage to your health the same as asbestos and tobacco.

2. The possibility of cancer diseases

On the one hand, when women take the pill they lower their chances of ovarian cancer. But on the other hand, there is a great possibility of getting liver, breast, and cervical cancer. So you must think very carefully while choosing the pill. One good point is that you can prevent getting cancer in case if you stop taking the pill for ten years.

3. You might not get enough Vitamin B

One of the most important things which you should remember while using birth control pills is to take Vitamin B. This vitamin can protect your organism from heart disease, stress and provide a good memory. Nowadays it’s not a problem as many pills contain some extra folic acid or Vitamin B9.

4. The risk of blood clots

Here is one more fact about the pill, which can really shock you. If you take the birth control pill you could be at risk for a blood clot. It depends also on your weight and age.

There is a greater possibility for this if you smoke. In case if you try to avoid all these risk factors but are still afraid of getting a disease, you can test your genetic predisposition to that. Some surveys show that blood clots are the problem of five percent of Caucasian women.

5. You can have fertility problems

You should be aware of another fact about the pill. It can control your cycle really well, but only when you take it. When you stop using it your organism has to deal itself with all difficult processes and cycles.

And, of course, it will take a lot of time. Finally, if you make a decision to become a mom, it will not be so easy and quick.

6. Something new is not always the best

Nowadays there are a great number of different and new kinds of birth control pills. Some women can think that new ones are better than those from the past. That is wrong. The negative side of the new pills is that they contain drospirenone, a synthetic kind of progesterone.

Numerous researches have shown that the new pills, which contain drospirenone, can lead to blood clots. It was not observed with old ones. When you change your pill, you must read carefully its label and check out if there is drospirenone.

7. You can be addicted to the pill when you have menstrual symptoms

During the cycle women usually have terrible headaches, stomachaches,s and feel pain in other parts of the body. When you take the pill the symptoms will not be such severe and you can relax. However, it doesn’t mean that you should take this kind of medicine in order to feel better. Nobody knows exactly what can be the results of taking the pill for a long time and how it can affect your body.

8. You can be exposed to heart attack

Finally, let’s speak about the last disadvantage of the birth control pill. Some women who take the pill have a risk for heart attack, though the possibility of the disease is not very big. But if your lifestyle is not healthy, the chances of heart attack will increase.

So, ladies, now you have some more information about the negative aspects of the pill. I’m sure you will choose a good method of birth control since when you know about the disadvantages of the pill it’s easier to protect yourself from the bad consequences. Although there are some benefits of the pill, you must consult your doctor. He will help you to make the right choice.

Have you ever taken the birth control pill? Do you know any other bad things about the pill? Please share them in the comments section!