7 Tips on How to Stop Feeling Lonely


Everybody has those moments where they feel lonely and abandoned, that’s why it’s important to know some tips on how to stop feeling so miserable and lonely. Don’t bask in depression, instead change your life for the better. Remember, no one else will do it for you. Without further ado, here are several handy tips to stop feeling lonely.

1. Little things

If you are low on groceries, do not wait for your mom or roommate to buy them. Make the list and go to the stores yourself. Tiny things such as weaving through people in the vegetable aisle and chatting a little with a cashier will help you feel less lonely.

Try to involve in activities that require associating with people. This is one of the most important steps to stop feeling so miserable and lonely.

2. Stop isolating yourself

Do you decline when your friends go out to dinner? Do you lock yourself in the room when unexpected company arrives? If so, stop doing it immediately.

You must never isolate yourself and hide away because you think people don’t want you around, or because you are nervous. Get out there and start living life.

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3. Chat with people

Chatting with someone who shares similar interests is one of the best ways to stop feeling miserable and lonely. If your friends hate your favorite TV show, why not discuss it with someone who likes it? There are many people online who certainly love that show. Just find the forum or website that appeals to you and start chatting.

4. Listen to music

Music can heal people from all types of pain. If you feel like people don’t understand you, listen to your favorite songs. They will help you to realize that even celebs have coped with the same problems that plague your life. All of us are more similar than you’d think.

5. Call up your friends

Texting your friends won’t help you stop feeling lonely. Use your phone for its initial purpose. When you feel lonely, just call up your family members or friends. It’s always better to hear a genuine laugh instead of seeing plenty of emoticons.

6. Never walk away

If a person tries to begin a conversation with you, do not escape from them. If your relative or friend texts you, don’t forget to respond. However, make sure you do not give one-word answers.

Think of a way to keep a conversation going. The longer you talk to somebody, the less you will feel lonely.

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7. Find a job

Experience and money are the major reasons why we get jobs. But there are also social benefits. When we work with the same people every day, usually we get to know them well, and some coworkers become our good friends. Sure, you will not like all your coworkers, but you might find your best friend there.

Never allow your loneliness to get all the best of you. You only live once, so make sure you enjoy each moment in your life. What do you usually do when you feel lonely? Share your tips with us, please!