5 Warning Signs You Are Dating a Misogynist


A misogynist is a man who believes that men are better than women. He treats women poorly, believing that he is above them in every way possible.

Dating a misogynist is not fun or healthy and it’s important to break up with such a man as earlier as possible. Check out 5 signs that you might be dating a misogynist.

1. He blames you for things you have nothing to do with

A misogynist will put the blame on you for things that you are not at fault for. If he had a craving for pizza which he never expressed to you, he will still blame you for the fact that you did not know and did not get him any. If he has acted in a bad manner, he will blame you and say you caused him to do it, even if the two actions are not connected at all.

He may even make up something that never happened in order to blame you. He will do anything to put the blame on you and keep himself from being responsible for himself.

A misogynist will blame women for the world’s problem. He will blame a war on the way women dress or try to gain independence. He will say a man who cheats does it because he was forced.

2. He uses quotes and the Bible to back him up

A misogynist is very clever. He will find quotes, bible passages and experts that back up what he believes about men and women. He will share these with you in an attempt to prove that he’s right and you’re wrong.

Even if you can come up with quotes that speak to your side, he is still right. He is convinced that he’s right because of the other people who agree with him.

He will remind you of these quotes often. If he gets his quotes from the bible he may try to make you feel guilty for going against what the Bible “clearly” states.

3. He ridicules you for getting upset

If you cry or become sad because he or someone else hurt your feelings, he will ridicule over it. He will tell you that you are too sensitive and have nothing to be upset about.

If he calls you a name and you cry, he will tell you he was just joking and you need to chill out. He will never understand why you are sad or crying, even when something obviously upsetting has happened.

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4. He makes vulgar comments about women

A misogynist has no problem being vulgar about women right in front of you. He will make perverted, disgusting comments about what women look like and expect you to completely agree with him.

If you’re offended, he won’t understand why. He openly talks about what he’d like to do to other women if he could. To a misogynist, women are to be looked at and their bodies used.

He thinks that women should be accepting of the fact that this is what they are instead of being offended by it. It won’t matter how upset you get about his comments, he will not stop making them.

5. He’s very sensitive about himself

While a misogynist is not sensitive to you or your feelings, he will be very sensitive about his own. When you do something that he doesn’t like, he will become very upset about it and make you feel guilty.

He will even become upset if you do the same thing to him that he did to you. He doesn’t see you as an equal.

While you must always be happy to put him first and make him feel good, he doesn’t show that same respect toward you. He will be very adamant that you need to treat him better or he’ll leave you, but it’s only a threat to scare you into doing things his way.

If you’re dating a misogynist, it’s important to know that he will never change. Standing up for yourself or making threats will not change who he is.

There is nothing that you can do to change a misogynist. The smartest thing to do is probably to break up with him.

Have you ever dated a misogynist?