7 Ways to Pass Your Final Exams Without Stress


Although you might not like tests, they are not bad for you. They help you become a professional in a certain area. Don’t be afraid of them, if you want to be great in something, you need to be under professional control and be checked by your teachers.

We all don’t love when somebody points at our mistakes, but this situation lets you correct all wrong things in your life. Of course, our body reacts on this stressfully and this is not as bad as you think.

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal thinks that this reaction is like a support from your body. Your heart beats stronger, because it prepares for the action, your breath becomes more frequent, because your brain gets more oxygen. If you understand that some stress isn’t bad for you, you will turn it into your power.

Despite the fact that you’ve already known how to react on the stress, you can help yourself to go through your nervous situations easier. Here are a few tips to follow:

1. Be ready for all situations

The first thing you need to do is to prepare all things that will help you to do your best. For example, talk with your professor or teacher about what you need to have at this test.

Do you need some calculator or tables and other helpful information for the best results? Maybe you should take a pen, pencils or markers and other office accessories. Now it sounds like it’s not very important. But just imagine the situation: you came at your exam and only there you’ve understood that everybody around you had some helpful things at their tables except you.

What about stress? You want to avoid it, right? So, get ready for your final test properly.

2. Don’t be late

Prepare for being there early. Nobody wants to be late at one of the most important events in their life, because this situation makes them more anxious and, of course, it won’t let them do their best. Also, you will not have some time to revise anything and this is not good.

Don’t put yourself in a stressful situation just because of your morning make up routine or 10 minutes in bed over the usual norm. The best way to be tranquil and keep calm is being at class by the 15 minutes or more before the test.

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3. Don’t block yourself from your classmates

I’m agree with the statement that you study for only yourself. And, of course, I think that the first thing you should carry about is your own knowledge and your good results on exam.

However, you don’t need to block yourself from your classmates. Don’t disturb each other, but listen what they talk about and don’t be afraid of asking them about something you didn’t understand. Some of them can explain you any incomprehensible things for you.

Don’t forget to help them back. Many people study better in a team, and if you belong to this group – be free in a helpful communication.

4. Turn all distractions off

To avoid exam failure, you need to prepare in a best way. And the first thing you must do is to turn off all distractive things around you including your phone. No socials, no text messages or any news from the world. You need to focus on your learning. Also you need to avoid some people around you.

Maybe it’s not as easy as you want it to be, but just try. Don’t talk with anybody, don’t listen or watch any TV shows, it disturbs you and you block the information you need to get.

If you do this in a right way, you will learn everything in a few times. When you don’t look aside, you need less time to study something.

5. Learn everything you need

The best way to be prepared to your exam is hard studying! Plan your learning and cut all subjects in equal parts. Then figure out how much time you will need to learn everything and follow your plan.

Don’t let yourself delay it till the last day before the test. You will hate yourself at this day, because you could do everything in time and learnt all that you needed. But it will be so late then.

Take care of your own nerves and remember that this studying is only for your future. Nobody matters; you should do it for yourself.

Forget about procrastination, it’s is not a good feature for anybody. It makes life stressful and empty in the same time.

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6. Sleep well

I hope you know that sleeping is the best way to have a rest. And if you don’t do this in a right way, your life will come really bad soon.

Your body needs about 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Don’t deprive yourself of this great remedy. The better you sleep – the better you make your tests or exams.

I know that usually we procrastinate our deals to the last minutes, don’t let this situation happens. The last night before your finals is the most important night. You need to keep much more energy and only then you will do your best.

7. Take some snacks

When I’m hungry, I’m like a monster. I don’t want to do anything and, of course, I can’t do it well. Let yourself feel good, take some snacks or even prepare something like complete meal.

Give yourself an energy and power to pass your test successfully. You can’t focus on something else when you are hungry, but your exams are really important to you.

You will spend on this probably 10-15 minutes and you will provide yourself a great result. Right sleeping and healthy eating are your close friends, when you need to avoid some irritation and exhausted condition.

I hope all your exams will be fine and you will get everything you want. Take care of yourself and your body, don’t make yourself nervous and exhausted. Sleep well, eat healthy, prepare for everything, don’t delay your affairs, be responsible and think about your future.

Do you have any tips on how to pass exams without stress?