Review of Remington Wet 2 Straight Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener


Many women love curly hair, but what if you’re someone who isn’t thrilled with the curly locks God gave you? What if you’re sick and tired of trying hair product after hair product in the pursuit of elusive silky, straight hair, only to have your hair turn out frizzy, puffy, and not at all the way you wanted it to? The solution could be as easy as picking up a flat iron.

The Remington Wet 2 Straight Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener
is an inexpensive solution to so many women’s hair gripes. Costing under $30 for the 2” iron, this piece of hair equipment is unique because it can be used on wet hair. Most flat irons require the person to have dry hair, but this iron does the dual job of drying while straightening the hair. It saves time, energy, and possible damage to the hair.
The exclusive vent-and-channel design safely releases excess moisture as steam, the ceramic, tourmaline, and smooth glide coating protect against hair damage, and the digital LCD display has precise temperature controls. With 30 heat settings, the dual ceramic heated plates provide high, even heat.

To use, it’s simple. Wash and condition your hair. When you’ve finished, towel dry the hair, but avoid putting it up in the towel. Just squeeze excess water from your hair with the towel. Next take either leave-in conditioner or whatever hair product you prefer, to moisturize the hair and to ensure it will be protected from the heat. Curly hair is very dry and any additional moisture is always a plus.

Plug the iron in and turn on the power button then select a drying setting. If your hair is very wet, then choose a setting from 21 to 30, which will show up on the LCD display as red. If your hair is damp, then choose a setting from 11 to 20, which will show up as purple. This iron can also be used on dry hair. If you want to touch up your dry hair, then choose a setting from 1 to 10, which will show up as blue. When the iron is ready, it lets you know by beeping.

Taking small sections of hair at a time glide the iron through the hair from roots to tips, being careful not to burn your hands. A sizzling sound of steam escaping will omit from the iron and this is normal. Move the iron through your entire head until all of the hair is dry and straightened. A good tip is to lower the setting on the iron the dryer your hair becomes, so the possibility of over-drying the hair is eliminated.

If you long for poker straight hair, then this iron is the way to get it. More women need to look at curly hair as being versatile hair. When the mood strikes for silky, straight strands, then grabbing this amazing tool will give anyone the results she wants. Bang for the buck, this iron is one of the best performing on the market.