10 Reasons to Wax Instead of Shave


10. Ingrown hairs are less likely with waxing

When you shave, you cut the hair off at skin level or just below it. The end of the hair is blunt and can become trapped under the skin, where it begins growing sideways or in circles. Ingrown hairs often form painful infections. Problems are more likely to occur in certain areas, such as the neck and the bikini area. Waxing, however, removes the entire hair shaft, right down to the root. The new hair is thinner and tapered at the end, which means it is less likely to get trapped under the top layer of the skin.

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While some people will always swear by shaving, waxing is a great method of hair removal. You can wax yourself at home, or make an appointment at a salon to have a professional do it for you. The end result is smooth, hairless skin for far longer than if you shaved the hair. Waxing also helps keep your skin healthier.

Shaving can cause uncomfortable bumps and rashes, particularly when used to remove hair too frequently. For this reason, many people are turning to alternative methods of hair removal. Do you have any other reasons to wax instead of shave?