7 Ways to Avoid Shaving Nicks


If don’t enjoy using depilatory creams or waxing, and you prefer shaving, keep reading to learn some useful tips to avoid shaving nicks. I always choose to shave and those painful nicks just kill me! So I found a few excellent ways that work great for me! Now I’m going to share with you all of my tips on how to avoid shaving nicks! Read on!

1. Don’t use soap

If you usually use your soap or body wash to shave, you should stop doing it. Shaving with soap not only dries out your skin, but also increases your risk of nicks, cuts, and irritation. Instead, use a good shaving cream or gel. I also use the super cheap conditioner that works great and is so much cheaper than shaving gel or cream!

2. Choose the right razor

Using the right razor is another way to avoid painful shaving nicks. Never use your old razors and don’t scrimp on new razors either. Sure, disposable razors can be expensive, but if you want to avoid nicks and cuts, buy a razor with a moisturizing strip. And don’t even think about using a men’s razor. Even though it has all those extra blades, it isn’t right for your skin. Choose a razor for you, and don’t forget to keep your razors dry and clean to prevent rust from forming.

3. Exfoliate your legs

Many women skip exfoliation before shaving, but exfoliating really helps with shaving! It helps to get rid of dead skin cells and debris that clog your razor and can lead to shaving nicks. Always exfoliate your legs before shaving, but make sure you pick a scrub that doesn’t irritate your skin.

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4. Apply some skin oil to your legs

I always apply some skin oil to my legs before shaving. The oil moisturizes my legs and makes it easier for a razor to slide smoothly. You don’t have to apply a lot, just create a barrier between the razor and your skin.

5. Wait until the end of your shower

If you want to avoid nicks and cuts, wait until the end of your shower to shave your legs. Sometimes I even soak in the tub first, you can try it too. Just make sure the water is warm, but not hot. You will give your skin time to get soft, plus waiting softens the hair.

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6. Don’t shave in a hurry

Even if you are in a hurry, keep in mind that it takes only a few minutes to shave. Even when you take it slow, it will not take forever. Use slow, long strokes from your ankle up towards your knee and do not make any quick and sudden movements, since it can lead to nicks!

7. Let your razor do the work

Pressing down on your razor as well as twisting around as you shave lead to cuts. Don’t do that, instead let your razor do the work. Just shave lightly against the grain. And don’t forget to use the new razor!

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If you prefer shaving, don’t turn to other hair removal methods just to avoid those nicks. Take some time, prepare your skin, use these tips and shave carefully. Do you know any other ways to avoid shaving nicks? Share them, please!