8 Reasons to Fall in Love with a Country Guy


Nowadays women tend to underrate country guys. Most of them are trying to find a wealthy man and they don’t even think of dating a country man. Studies show that country guys make perfect boyfriends and husbands.

They are not as brave and rich as most city guys, but they know how to treat a woman, surprise her and they are not self-interested. When you date a country boy, your dates are always interesting, healthy and fun. Check out a few undeniable reasons to fall in love with a country guy.

1. He can make fun happen out of nothing

With a country guy your life will never be boring and miserable. A country guy has a great ability to make fun happen out of nothing. He is funny and positive and knows how to enjoy every minute of life. I’m not telling that you will necessarily approve of or enjoy what he is doing, but you’ll always be entertained.

2. A country boy is a manly man

Country guys are probably the manliest men. Not all of them have huge biceps and not all of them are super brave, but they look and behave manly.

They don’t afraid to get dirty, do a hard work, spend the whole day working in the field, and they really enjoy the outdoors! They can easily fix something without surfing the Internet.

Ask any city guy to fix a dripping tap and he will spend the whole day looking for all possible tips online or calling his friends, and end up calling up a plumber. A country boy is Jack of all trades!

3. He will treat you like a princess

Country guys believe that every woman should be treated with love and respect, no matter her temper. When you date a country guy, he treats you very delicately and tries to cater to all your needs. While most women love bad guys, if you are tired of them, why not fall in love with a country man?

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4. He can get ready quicker

Getting ready is not a big problem for a country guy. When going out he just needs to shower, put on a plaid shirt and ball cap and he is ready to go. There’s no waiting around for him to trim his beard or style his hair perfectly. Most country guys are old-fashioned: they can’t allow women to wait for them, instead they are ready to wait for you for two hours and they won’t tell you a word, except, “You are so beautiful!”

5. He can have a big house

It’s not a secret that money goes further in rural areas than in urban areas. A country guy can buy or build a big house for the same money that it’d cost to rent not so big apartment in the city.

It’s so wonderful to wake up to the nice sound of birds and see a picturesque view of a river rather than to wake up to the terrible sound of traffic and the view of that concrete. Do you agree?

6. He can fix everything

As I mentioned above, a country man is Jack of all trades. I don’t know how they do this, but they can really fix everything! Most girls lack this skill and if you date a country boy, he can fill that void easily.

He can fix your fridge, change your tires, and do anything you need. Most country guys are obsessed with work. They may not have a diploma, but it doesn’t mean that they are not smart.

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7. There is more opportunity to relax

Most people who live in a rural environment know how to relax. With the hustle and bustle of the big city, it’s hard to find a healthy way to relax after a hard day. Most city guys tend to drink alcohol and smoke in order to relax, while country guys enjoy the surroundings and moonlit walks with their girlfriends.

8. Dates are more unique and romantic

Dating a country guy is beautifully romantic since all of the dates are unique and they can give you a better look at his personality. Boating, 4-wheeling, swimming, camping are only a few of many activities you and your country guy can engage in. Isn’t it a good reason to fall in love with a country guy?

Dating a country boy has many advantages. He is more creative and he will always treat you with love and respect. Sure, country guys are not perfect, but I think they are much better than city guys.

Have you ever dated a country boy? Do you have any other reasons to fall in love with country guys? Share them with us!