7 Most Important Things to Know about Permanent Makeup


Permanent makeup involves using tattoo techniques to create eyebrow, lip, or eye makeup, and enhance moles with natural colors to resemble makeup. Before getting permanent makeup, though, there are a few important things you should consider first.

Most women want to get permanent makeup because they like the idea that they can do anything and can go anywhere, and still have an illusion of makeup, so they never have to worry about removing their makeup or having to apply any. I also really liked this idea, but when I learned more information about permanent makeup I can’t even think about it. Read on and find out some important things you have to know about permanent makeup.

1. Infection

Infection is one of the most important things you should know about permanent makeup. Dr. Zwerling from NC, says he knows 10 cases in Canada in the last year that had reports of AIDS and Hepatitis C that resulted from the permanent makeup procedures. Moreover, the dyes can cause severe allergic reactions that lead to swelling, inflammation and inflamed tissue under the skin.

2. It can go literally wrong

One of the largest complaints regarding permanent makeup is that it can go wrong. Dr. Zwerling says he rarely sees it come out as perfect as all clients hope for. He says he often sees lots of problems. Many patients are not happy with the results and end up having something corrected.

3. It can look ugly and fake

Another thing you should know before you decide to go under the needle is that the color can look really fake, and not like what you’d put on with your usual cosmetic makeup. The thing is that your skin contains the natural color pigments, and the color applied may react with your pigmentation causing less than natural effect.

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4. High risk of damage

If you don’t react well to the dyes or surgery, it can end up scarring your skin tissue, or can alter other facial features. And this means that you may need facial reconstruction surgery to correct the problem, which is not only expensive, but also very painful.

5. Coloring can wear off

Chances are, in a few years, you may need to have the procedure completed again. Permanent makeup is like a tattoo, so the coloring can wear off. You need to know that the procedure itself is very expensive and many insurance companies do not cover the costs of the procedure, reconstructive surgeries, corrections, or touch-ups.

6. Greater risk of damage to the eye area

Eyeliner is the most popular type of permanent makeup procedure. Unfortunately, many women don’t take into account that a needle would be probing at a fast pace near the eye, which could cause irritation, or could even end up damaging the eye area. It could also go very wrong, resulting in damage.

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7. Be smart about it

If you are still willing to get permanent makeup, you should be very choosy. Be sure you choose a surgeon and salon that has a national certification and business license. Ask to see the needles used, just to make sure that cleaning is done properly. Also, ask around about their business and learn all negative or positive reports.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather put my own makeup on every day. I love my naked skin the way it is, especially after a good clean wash, plus I can change my styles and colors as often as I wish. Have you ever thought about getting permanent makeup? Share your thoughts, please.