7 Ways to Make Your Yard Sale a Hit


Need to know some great ways to make your yard sale a hit? A yard sale is one of the best ways to make some extra money and unload the things you don’t need anymore. Running a yard sale is not rocket science, but if you want to make as much cash as possible, check out a few tips for having a hit yard sale.

1. Select the best date

Choose a date that is not taken by any other local events. For instance, if there’s some heavily advertised event, don’t schedule your yard sale on the same day since it may impact your level of support. If you choose another date, there will be more customers.

2. Be organized

Sure, it’s not a store and people who will attend your yard sale won’t look for perfection, but they can become impatient or frustrated if things are poorly organized. Don’t just toss things everywhere. People are not going to sort through your mess. If you do not have tables, then place a sheet or blanket on the ground and line your items neatly.

3. Be sure to price your items accordingly

Remember you are selling the secondhand items, so be sure to price them accordingly! No matter whether items are in good condition or they were barely used, you won’t get the original asking price. One of the surefire ways to turn off customers is to price items too high. Keep it in mind when you are planning to have a hit yard sale!

4. Promote your yard sale

If you want to make extra cash and unload the majority of your items, you should promote your yard sale. Put a sign at the entrance to your neighborhood, and run an ad in the local newspaper. Make sure you include the date, time and address of your yard sale. You can also give shoppers a preview of things that you’ll sell.

5. Get your neighbors involved

If you want to make your yard sale a hit, be sure to get your neighbors involved. If your neighbors contribute items, this will increase the overall traffic and help you have even bigger profits. Moreover, with a partner you can take a short break and not miss a sale opportunity.

6. Be willing to negotiate

Your goal is to sell all your items, right? If you haven’t sold any item or sold only a few ones after a couple of hours, lower your prices a little. Moreover, do not be offended by customers who ask to bargain. Lowering your prices by a couple of bucks will make a big difference.

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7. Remove distractions

Although it’s your house and shoppers will not expect an overly professional atmosphere, make sure you remove distractions. You can hire or ask someone to watch your children on the day of the sale, and be sure to keep your pets away.

A yard sale is one of the best ways to declutter your home and earn a little extra cash for yourself and your family. Use these tips and you are sure to attract customers. Have you ever had a successful yard sale? Do you know any other ways to have a hit yard sale? Share them, please!