7 Ways to Become a Better Negotiator


Do you want to be one of those people who like negotiating and always get a discount on everything? Learn some basic negotiating tactics and have a little bit of courage. Check out some ways to become a better negotiator and you will be haggling in no time!

1. Make online research

If you are dealing with a large national car dealer, chain store, bank or hotel, your best negotiating strategy is the knowledge of the competition’s pricing policy. Make online research and find out the prices of other stores. Make a printout of a better price from a competitor and take it with you. Most stores match the better price, so this is your chance of getting a good deal. Remember information is a power, so use it all the time.

2. Ask for a lower price

If you ask any great negotiator how they get good deals, they’ll likely shrug and say that they simply ask. The second step to a successful negotiation is to ask for a lower price. Such simple question as “Is that the best price you can offer?” or “Can you give a lower price?” might earn you an instant discount on a service or product.

3. Use the empty chair technique

Blame the negotiation on someone else. Pretend that your boss, partner, investor or manager is forcing the negotiation, but not you. Auto dealers are masters at this tactic. This can save you from awkward situation. For example, I often say that my boss won’t like the price, but I can persuade him to accept 10% lower. This works for me all the time.

4. Ask for extras

You can use this strategy with a small and independently owned business. Even if they are making a sale, they might want to sweeten the deal with a bit something extra. So if you buy the dress, the skirt and the belt, ask them whether they can throw in the earrings for free. But again, you should have a little bit of courage.

5. Be polite

The most unsuccessful negotiating strategy is anger. Threatening, complaining, or yelling will annoy the sellers and they won’t cut you a break. Friendliness and personality are very important things.

6. Pay in cash up front

It’s a great strategy to try with entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and party vendors. Cash up front saves them from the potential for late payments or bounced checks and credit-card fees. Moreover, paying early and in cash can win you a great discount, but don’t forget to get a receipt!

7. Be willing to walk away

If you don’t get what you want, you should be willing to walk away. Sometimes detachment is a good negotiation tactic. If you really want something to buy, the seller can feel your desperation and give a discount.

In fact, it’s not so difficult to become a better negotiator if you know these tips. Are you a good negotiator? Do you have some other tips for being a better negotiator? Share your thoughts, please!