7 Advantages of Becoming a House Sitter


House sitting should not be considered a career or job as such even though a person responsible for overseeing another person’s property must be professional. In fact, house sitting should be considered closer to an alternative way to find accommodation, travel, or experience something new. There are many advantages of becoming a house sitter, here are some of them:

1. It’s living for free

One of the benefits of becoming a house sitter is that you are living for free. You shouldn’t pay for accommodation costs like mortgages or rent. You might have to pay for food, but sometimes home owners cover these costs too. You will not be expected to pay such bills as water, Internet, TV, and other utility bills. Even if you have your own permanent house that requires its own bills, you can always freeze or cancel them while you work in someone else’s house! In this way you can save a lot of money and reduce your debt.

2. You save money

This is another advantage of becoming a house sitter. This is especially effective if you land a job house sitting in a house for 6 months to one year. You don’t pay travel fees in order to get to your work and if you become a house sitter, you can save lots of money.

3. It’s a great opportunity to travel

House sitting gives you a great opportunity to travel to various areas of your country. You can become a house sitter in your locality, in a different state or even in a different country. For me this is one of the most exciting advantages of being a house sitter because it allows you to be adventurous and visit many new places.

4. You are your own boss

Okay, you’ll still have to abide by some rules of real owners of the house, but when they are not at home, you could be your own boss. You will decide how you do your work, and if you stick to conditions of your contract, no one will criticize you.

5. You become more independent

Rather than working in the office and facing the commuter rush, you can become more independent and be your own boss by being a professional house sitter. You work for yourself, and can have a lot of free time. This is especially beneficial for those who hate alternative living arrangements like living with parents or house shares.

6. You can find new friends

If you gain the trust of the home owners, you might make new friends! One of the great advantages of becoming a house sitter means you have to do this practice fairly regularly to increase your chances of meeting interesting people and making new friendships.

7. It gives you all kinds of freedom to live

Becoming a house sitter can be lots of fun, and it gives you all kinds of freedom to live. You will experience living in different areas and will have the chance to become more adventurous. It’s really a cheap way to live that can allow you to have more time to yourself.

Have you ever tried house sitting? Or do you want to become a house sitter? Share your thoughts, please!