8 Tips for Planning a Beautiful Wedding on a Budget


It is always disappointing to realize that you have to plan your wedding on a budget. A wedding is a very expensive occasion, and many couples feel great pressure to put on an expensive celebration and spend more than they can afford. Check out some tips for planning a beautiful wedding on a budget, which can help you to save money and still make a fabulous event without getting into a mountain of debt.

1. Get married at home

No matter whether it’s your home, or your partner’s home, you could get married in the garden, or under the tree house you grew up, your venue and playing in could be absolutely free of charge. Try to keep your wedding small and try to make it casual. If the property is big enough you could splash out and have a Bedouin tent with the bells and whistles.

2. Get a professional planner

Maybe you think that this is a ridiculous tip for planning a wedding on a budget, but a planner could actually save you lots of money. A professional planner has the contacts in the industry so he/she can get you the best deal. Tell a planner what you want and give your budget. A professional planner will fit everything that you want into the budget.

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3. Rent your wedding dress

If you’re a sentimental bride, this can be a difficult one, but not impossible to overcome. Don’t spend double the money on a dress that you’ll never wear again. A rental wedding dress will be fitted to your exact size and specifications and costs less than a custom-made dress does.

4. Have a civil ceremony

A civil ceremony is not very romantic and it’s just an official procedure, but it’s considerably cheaper than a church wedding, and it takes care of all the legalities. Prioritize your wants and needs. It’s better to spend that money on your dream honeymoon.

5. Make your own decoration

If your venue includes décor in the price of the hire, you will be lucky enough. If not, make your own decoration. Borrow vases, table cloths, and ribbons. Buy some cheerful and cheap paper lanterns, use a lot of candles and you could have a romantic and classy setting that costs you nothing. This is one of the best ways to plan a beautiful wedding on a budget.

6. Cut your wedding guest list

Don’t feel obliged to invite all your relatives just because your parents say that you have to do this. If you haven’t seen them for a long time, you don’t want them in your wedding pictures. Trust me they are coming only for the free party, free food, and you could spend that money on a fabulous honeymoon.

7. Do your own music

A professional DJ costs lots of money and here’s another tip for planning a beautiful wedding on a budget by using what you have. Make a playlist of your favorite songs in mp3 format and play it through your computer. Now you can dance all night long for free!

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8. Ask your friend to make a wedding cake

If you have a baker friend, you are a lucky person. Rather than get a professional baker to make you a wedding, multi tired cake, why not ask your friend to make a wedding cake or an ice cream cake? I think it’s a great idea!

If you are planning a budget wedding, which one of these tips would you choose? Do you have some other tips? Share your thoughts, please!