Last Minute Gift Ideas That Don’t Need to Be Delivered


Have you forgotten to get a present for an important anniversary or just been too busy to go Christmas shopping? Are you going to be in real trouble with your partner unless you can come up with a last minute romantic gift? Help is at hand if you have left it too late for deliveries and haven’t got anything else organized. Look through these ideas for last minute gifts and pick the one that will save the day.

Magazine Subscriptions

Does your partner have a hobby or a favourite magazine? Do they buy expensive magazines every month? You can now buy on-line magazine subscriptions for a fraction of the price of buying each copy in the store. Large magazine subscription websites have a huge range of titles available and sometimes have two-for-one offers. Buy a magazine subscription or two and put the receipt in a nice envelope. You have a thoughtful, romantic gift that doesn’t need to be delivered, and even get to save money!

Last Minute Holidays

Book a last minute holiday on-line and surprise your partner with a romantic weekend in a country hotel, or a week in the sun. Pick a bargain local break and organise babysitting with the in-laws. Who could be angry if they know that they have a kid-free holiday coming up?

Theme Park Tickets

If you can’t get that fashionable toy that your kids really want then get them tickets to their favourite theme park instead. You can buy discount park tickets on-line at bargain prices, especially if you book well in advance. Imagine the smiles on Christmas morning if you tell your children they are going to their favourite theme park.


Get coupons or vouchers for your partner’s favourite perfume or clothes shop and claim that their chosen gift was out of stock. That way they can spend the money on whatever they want. There are a huge range of coupons available on the internet from companies such as Choose from romantic options like a romantic meal in a quality restaurant, or a balloon ride with a champagne breakfast.

Favour Booklet

A favour booklet is the ultimate low-budget, romantic gift. All you need is a notepad and lots of ideas. Write down something that you are willing to do to please your partner on each page. The ideas can be as mundane as doing the washing up for a week or fixing that squeaky door. If the favour booklet is for Valentine’s Day you can make the favours as intimate as you like. Surprise you partner with a gift that keeps on giving!


The best gifts are not the expensive ones but the ones that involve plenty of effort. If you don’t have time to go shopping, or want to make a frugal, last minute present, then get baking. Make your partner their favourite batch of cupcakes, or a delicious cheesecake that they will never forget. You can even hide other little gifts inside the cakes for an additional surprise.

Do you have any other gift ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments section.