How to Get Local Media Coverage for Your Book


Published authors can sometimes have trouble navigating their way through the world of book publicity; however, there are several options for authors, and publicists, to consider when faced with the challenge of how best to promote a book. Some authors are contracted to promote their work through book tours and public readings. Some self-promote through social media outlets and by creating their own websites. Sometimes, with visions of national recognition and the promise of fame and fortune, it is easy to forget that local resources can also provide a very good opportunity for book promotion and support.

One way to achieve successful book publicity on a local level would be to invite local media to an event in which the author might read excerpts from the book or be available for a book signing or interview. This event could take place in a library or a local bookstore, perhaps even on a college campus. All three of these venues give the author not only the chance to self-promote, but also to share the spotlight with either the library, bookstore, or college campus. For a lot of writers, having the chance to promote their work within the context of some other event helps to lessen the effect stage fright can produce.

A lot of colleges and libraries have regularly scheduled events that they publish via website in an effort to keep students and patrons informed. Increasingly, even privately owned bookstores recognize the benefit of scheduling author readings and book signings. Scheduling events, while requiring time and a bit of coordinated effort, are well worth whatever hiccups might occur. They accomplish the dual task of promotion and recognition for the author and the work. More often than not, these types of events introduce the author to the community. For this reason, inviting local media can be helpful.

In addition to website information posted by a bookstore, for instance, a quick email or phone call invitation to a local newspaper reporter or television station requesting their presence at the event will ensure a local media presence. In this way, the event not only becomes available to patrons or students, but to the general public as well. For an author, this experience can quickly catapult them out of relative obscurity and onto a slightly larger, though not entirely overwhelming, stage.

While book publicity may not be the most favorite activity of an any author, the rewards of book promotion, particularly on a local level and utilizing the resource of local media coverage, afford the author a chance to garnish some measure of local support and recognition.