7 Efficient Ways to Reduce Back Pain and Improve Your Posture


From birth our body is constructed almost perfectly. Its main function is movement. When you are healthy, there are no restrictions for your body and you can walk, run, jump, climb, bend and do all physical exercises easily. But when you feel pain and discomfort in certain parts of your body, it becomes practically impossible.

Nowadays a lot of people suffer from back pain and due to that fact they can’t enjoy all the benefits of modern life. The reasons of your back pain may be absolutely different. Our lifestyle is one of the crucial things that influences our overall health and our back in particular.

Today most of us spend hours sitting in front of computers, TV sets and in public transport. As a result, our spine is compressed and we have bad posture and this can cause pain in your back and neck. To avoid this you should move regularly and pay much attention to your posture. If you want to relieve back pain and have good posture, consider the following tips.

1. Try to Control Your Posture

It is important to hold your body properly throughout the day since every movement and position has a great impact on your posture. We should constantly think about how to align our body while standing, sitting, walking and even sleeping.

Posture plays a significant role in our health and it can change the way we look. That’s why you need to control it by all means. If you have good posture, you’ll be able to improve your respiratory capacity and stimulate the work of your circulatory and digestive systems.

2. Develop Your Sense of Balance

I should say that sense of balance is not so easy to develop as it takes much time and requires your persistence. You have to do certain exercises that involve your core muscles, making them strong and toned. This way, you will provide enduring connection between your brain and body. Every time when your body needs to use particular muscles for core stabilization, the brain will send the signal to that group of muscles immediately. I recommend you to practice various activities that can be helpful in developing your balance. For example, yoga and pilates will be the right choice for this goal.

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3. Maintain Your Posture When You Sit

Sitting is the most frequent posture for all people. In this position we usually do numerous things without realizing that it can lead to different health problems. When you sit for a long time, your core (the muscles that embrace the front of your stomach area and the low back) performs protective function stabilizing the vertebra.

If these muscles are used very often, they will finally become exhausted and you’ll find yourself slumping that may have a ruinous effect on other parts of your body. No matter what you do, it will be nice if you take a comfortable position. Make sure you place your feet and knees at 90 degree angles and your chair props up your low back. It is also necessary to control the distance between your body and your workplace so that it shouldn’t bring tension.

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4. Do Regular Exercises

People who train regularly and keep their muscles toned do not often deal with issues like back and neck pain. The more you move, the healthier and happier you are – that is one of the most fundamental rules you must stick to in your life. You can choose from a great variety of sports and activities that will be pleasurable and useful for you.

For instance, hiking, jogging, yoga, walking, volleyball and others are the best things to do for developing your muscles. Make it a rule to exercise daily and that will become a part of your routine. The benefits of physical exercises are incredible. By doing sports, you’ll be able to breathe evenly and stimulate your cardiovascular system. If you are a beginner, I would suggest you to consult a personal trainer who will create a special program for you.

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5. Pay Attention to Your Clothes and Accessories

It’s not a secret that every woman spares no efforts to look beautiful and stylish. When you are satisfied with your appearance and style, you feel more confident. Unfortunately, there are some clothes and accessories that are hurtful to the body. We can hardly find a woman who never wears high heels, even though they load our spine with extra work causing its curvature. Handbag is also an indispensable part of our style and we can’t leave our home without it.

Nevertheless, we rarely think that a heavy handbag or a rucksack, which we wear on our shoulders may be a reason for our back pain. Ultimately, you will have difficulties with your tendons, ligaments and joints. If you’ve decided to buy a new hand bag, try to choose the one of a medium size. While wearing this accessory don’t forget to change its placement from one arm to another.

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6. Stretch Every Day

Switch to some exercises that develop your flexibility. This way, you will manage to keep fit and strengthen your muscles as well. Those who are acquainted with back and neck pain will find stretching an effective way to get rid of this problem.

A few minutes every day will be enough for you to stretch your body and relax muscles. Stand or sit on a plane surface and stretch one group of muscles at a time. Be careful while doing these exercises and don’t be quick.

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7. Avoid Stressful Situations

Without a doubt, our physical health is highly dependent on our emotional state. We face plenty of stressful situations every time and everywhere. It’s rather difficult to keep our feelings and emotions under control, so we often get upset, angry and nervous. Whenever you are under stress, your brain and body respond quickly preparing to fight. Eventually, your muscles become strained and your blood pressure goes up.

Such reaction is detrimental to your muscular skeletal system. To overcome stress and its negative consequences you should move a bit and take a deep breath. It will be an excellent way to relax your body and boost your brain’s activity.

If you tend to lead a sedentary life, you should be ready for annoying back and neck pain. I hope that these tips will help you to cope with discomfort caused by pain in your back. Just make it a habit to move regularly and always monitor your posture. Do you use any other ways to decrease back pain?