10 Easy Ways to Overcome Perfectionism


There are so many people in our world who always strive for perfectionism. It’s good when you spare no efforts to achieve the best results in everything you do. However, some of us can be obsessed with the idea to be better than others and even to be perfect. Undoubtedly, such attitude to life will have a negative impact on you.

Every time you fail to succeed you will blame yourself and your self-esteem will eventually be lowered. If you have noticed any signs of perfectionism in your behavior, you should try to cope with this trait of your character. Why do people want to be perfect? It’s rather difficult to find any clear explanation to this question.

Perhaps perfectionism comes from our desire to be complimented for good manners, lovely appearance and to be praised for our achievements. Perfectionism is not an easy thing to deal with and you need to be patient in order to get rid of this habit. Here are some of the most effective ways that usually help me to overcome perfectionism. Take a look at them and choose the ones that are the most suitable for you.

1. Focus on the Most Important Things

First of all, you should decide what really matters to you and concentrate on those things. Most of us pay a lot of attention to our looks, clothes and money, which actually are not the greatest values of our life. Unfortunately, we often forget about our family, our relationships with those we love and our morality that are much more important than any material things.

I recommend you to change your ideals first and then you can easily cope with perfectionism. There is no need to be perfect in something that is insignificant to you.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

When we do our best to become unsurpassed, we usually compare ourselves to other people who seem to be more beautiful and successful. Maybe it’s quite hard to stop comparing yourself to someone else, but I think this is a great way to overcome perfectionism. Don’t try to copy the style and behavior of another person just because the one is highly appreciated by others.

The main thing you should keep in mind is your uniqueness that was given to you by nature. You are a kind and pretty girl and you work hard to reach your goal. That means you are a wonderful personality and you will never live the life of another person whom you consider to be perfect. I would advise you to enjoy all the blessings you’ve got and be proud of yourself.

3. Focus on What Can Be Done

Forget about your past mistakes since you can’t do anything about them. Obsessing over your past failures and mistakes won’t change anything at all.

The time you spend thinking about them takes you away from time that you could have spent on more important and productive things instead. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Remember, no one is perfect and no one can do everything perfectly.

4. Exercise

Even if you are not a sporty person I recommend you to do some physical exercises that will surely improve your mood, your self-esteem and your life either. Besides, there is a wide range of sports that can help you to be healthier and happier.

Plus, exercising is a fantastic way to fight stress and anxiety. By doing various kinds of sports you will be always motivated and you will get a sense of pride that is so necessary to combat perfectionism. Look for the activity that suits you best and start right now.

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5. Eat Healthy Foods

We all are greatly concerned about our physical health and at the same time we seldom focus on our mental health that is an indispensable part of our well-being and happiness. Everybody knows that our health is highly dependent on the foods we consume. Thus, it is reasonable for you to check up your eating plan and include only wholesome foods into it.

Doctors say our body needs foods that are rich in amino acids, omega 3 fats and numerous vitamins to prevent anxiety and depression. You can find all these nutrients in your favorite vegetables and leafy greens. By eating them, you’ll be able to reduce your constant desire towards perfectionism.

The conducted researches have shown that those people who give preference to processed food and foods high in sugar are more subjected to depression. Try to remove these things from your daily diet and you will have a wonderful sense of balance.

6. Try Yoga

Nowadays more and more people choose yoga from the variety of other activities to do in their free time. Surely, yoga is salubrious for your health and it is believed to be an efficient remedy for many things.

Personally I use yoga to relieve my strong will to be perfect. This activity will help you to concentrate on your inner world and control your emotions. In addition, yoga is a fantastic way to fight stress connected with our desire to be the best in everything.

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7. Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously

Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s not the end of the world. Life is too short to strive for perfection in every aspect of life.

Develop your sense of humor, smile and laugh as often as possible. Try to watch comedies in order to learn to laugh, or spend more time with funny people. Stop taking yourself too seriously.

8. Communicate with Others

Whenever we have some problems in our life, we try to communicate with other people and share our thoughts and worries with them. At such moments, we are especially vulnerable and nothing can be better for us than our friends’ support and understanding.

Perfectionism is a problem that must be solved one way or another. Don’t hide from the outer world, connect with other people and you will struggle with your idea of perfectionism more successfully. What can be more enjoyable and relaxing than chatting with your best friend over a cup of coffee?

After such warm communication, you will understand which things are the most valuable for you and the thoughts of being perfect will leave your mind.

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9. Love yourself in spite of your imperfections

Realize that you can’t be perfect at everything. In fact, no one can do everything perfectly. Learn to love and accept yourself. You’re beautiful, special and smart and you’re powerful when you believe in yourself, even if you are not perfect.

10. Relax

Staying alone for a certain period of time and doing things that bring you pleasure are a helpful way to get rid of perfectionism. For instance, you can read your favorite book, walk around the park and admire the nature’s beauty, meet with your friend or simply spend evening watching some entertainment show.

Add at least one of these activities to your daily routine and you will discover plenty of things that can make you happy. By doing them, you will get out of your head and you will not bother yourself with the attempts to be perfect.

We have to cope with many problems in order to survive in a modern world and perfectionism is one of these problems. Today a lot of women feel discomfort and uncertainty because of this issue. If you are one of them, don’t give way to despair, just keep calm and live your life. No matter how big problem you have, there is always a solution. Do you have a constant desire to be perfect? What ways do you use to overcome this?