5 Best Holiday Workouts: It’s Crunch Time


Side Crunches

This exercise helps to strengthen and tone the external oblique abdominal muscles (your abs that are closest to your hips/waist.) This crunch has a higher degree of difficulty, and you want to get your legs at a 45-degree angle raised (roughly) 6” off the floor, and also keeping your upper torso also 6-8” off the floor, (so you are in a wide V position) with a weight in your hands with your arms stretched out, twist to the left with your upper torso and move your weight to the opposite side, keeping your legs in the same position, and bring your arms and torso back to the center.

It sounds difficult, but once you try it, you will catch on quickly. You should then use similar movements but move your torso to the right side and stretch your arms with the weight to the left. Each side movement is considered one “crunch” and, again, the more controlled you are in your movements, the more strength and toning will occur.

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