7 Advantages of a Live-in Relationship


Cohabitation has become very popular and common these days. As almost half of all marriages end in divorce today, most young people prefer live-in relationships to marriages. If you never consider a live-in relationship, check out some advantages of cohabitation.

1. You have a free choice

When you are in a live-in relationship, you can always make a choice between love and career. The choice remains open and fair. When you are married, this choice is limited.

2. You can end it when you want

No matter how sad that sounds, it is the real truth. You don’t have to file for a divorce and divide your property, you just move out if it doesn’t go well. You would have fewer problems and feel less stressed!

3. You have financial freedom

When you are in a live-in relationship, you share your money and often go Dutch. You don’t open a joint account with your partner and don’t have to give each other access to bank accounts. In a live-in relationship, you don’t fight with your partner about money.

4. You get to know your partner better

When you start to live with your boyfriend, you really get to know him better. Dating is a non-gross part.

Living together allows you to get to know if the relationship is going to last. You don’t always know the living habits of the person you date, right?

5. Sex is always fresh

If you are bolder and you choose a live-in relationship instead of marriage, you are open to new possibilities and experimentation, because that is the tone of cohabitation. When you are in a live-in relationship, sex is always fresh and new!

6. You feel young

And that is true! For a few reasons a live-in relationship makes you feel young!

You are free from all obligations and you feel like you can accomplish everything. That’s one of the biggest advantages of cohabitation!

7. You get the best of both worlds

Finally, you get to enjoy the serene life of married people as well as the wonderful world of single people. You always have your partner to lean on, but you also have lots of space. It’s great, right?

Cohabitation should be the arrangement leading up to marriage if you want to have children or are sure that your partner is the one! Do you know some other advantages of a live-in relationship? Share your thoughts, please!